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Challenge your Mindset

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The Pink Moods Story


“Like so many of you I have had my own share of self doubt, encountered hard times. I have had sleepless nights of overthinking and experienced stress. I have also witnessed so many of my beautiful, talented and amazing friends experience similar things. Despite the unbelievable network of friends and family around me, in those times I have felt lost and lonely.

As women, particularly, we seem to store up an internal narrative of negative self talk and we get stuck in this mode of thinking, view our negative thoughts as facts and ultimately we can become our very own worst critic. If we don’t capture these thoughts and change direction early, it can ultimately cause us great unhappiness and hold us back in life.

I feel so lucky to have found a way to help me through the hard times and it has helped me to not only believe in myself and find resilience but also to make my dreams bit by bit become a reality. I have learned to reach higher, dream bigger and have made things happen, and as a result, almost daily, I have felt happier and more fulfilled.

I wanted to share this discovery with my friends and all of you. So here it is, a site that contains the self improvement methods that have made me feel stronger, resilient, confident and empowered.

Pink Moods is full of inspiring expert advice, peer support and self improvement tools to help you (at your discretion). In a world where comparison comes above compassion – especially online – I want to cut across the surface relationships and provide real support to the great people in the world out there.

I hope with all of my heart that with our support and inspiration that your journey of life is one that is filled with greater confidence, resilience and happiness too. We want to support you through the lows and inspire you through the highs.”