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Challenge your Mindset

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18 ways to challenge your own fearful reactions and turn them around

  • Pink Moods

Fear is a natural reaction. We are born to be afraid or apprehensive to certain situations as a form of defense. Fear is developed from the survival instincts of our ancestors, as the default...


How to build confidence in speaking

  • Pink Moods

The power of the voice can be realised by anyone. Your voice is a tool that can adapt to and take control of so many situations in life. Unfortunately, not everyone is encouraged to use it and...


Why your problems may be illusions of the mind

  • Pink Moods

Stress is caused by innumerable situations from different parts of our lives. When we are confronted with a problem, the natural reaction is to worry, panic or become anxious, with stress being the...


Why you don’t need to live in fear

  • Vicki French

Life is all about choices and it’s you who chooses how to live your life. You may see people who are high achievers as being lucky; however, it has nothing to do with luck. These people are...