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Success is a ritual -10 daily habits to help achieve it


There is a routine to success. It’s something you work at and have to maintain everyday. Starting the routine well leads to the rest of it falling into place. Prepare for success everyday with these 10 tips.

1) Have breakfast.

Success needs fuel and if you’re running on empty, the fatigue will slowly demotivate you, no matter how much coffee you have. Kick-start your metabolism, because this will ensure a steady energy release through the day. An enjoyable breakfast will also put you in a good mood.

2) Be top-heavy.

Do all the big tasks first. You concentrate better and have better cognitive skills in the morning, so tackle the difficult parts of your day as soon as you can. You’ll be relieved to have them over and done with.

3) Plan every part of your day.

Physically write out your schedule so you know exactly how to use your time. It will help you avoid unnecessary pressure and be sensible about your workload.

4) Visualise tomorrow.

If you imagine how happy you’ll be tomorrow having done everything you wanted to, you’ll be motivated to do it. Tomorrow will soon be today, so don’t be distracted and don’t procrastinate. Visualise your goals and get a reminder of them at a date and time here. 

5) Fit in down time.

Know that your brain needs to recuperate. Relax and work on something that you enjoy away from work, or spend time with family or friends. It will encourage your brain to produce more serotonin, which increases positivity and could be important for the rest of your busy day. [A checklist for chilling out and enjoying life]

6) Talk to someone you love.

People feel more successful, even if they haven’t done anything yet in the day, by talking to someone who loves them. A simple word of encouragement makes you feel all you efforts are worth it. [How to feel loved]

7) Get active.

The best time to exercise is when you’re fresh. Gentle cardio will get your blood flowing, and along side a good breakfast, you’ll have maximum energy to approach the day.

8) Read or watch something.

Be engaged with the world around and stay on top of new developments in society, especially those related to your field. It’s vital to stay on top.

9) Keep tidy.

Don’t leave your house abandoned by the whirlwind of a morning rush. Keep it tidy and organised, and keep the same standards for your work space. Things can’t be done amongst mess no matter how hard you try.

10) Wake up early.

Be ready for the day. Give yourself time to be awake properly, get ready and presentable and arrive at where you need to be without a rush. You will feel so much calmer in the face of any challenges that day. [The best tools for time management]

A good start to the day puts you on course for success. Try our daily planners and checklists to get you started or some of our motivational videos. There will a marked improvement in your mentality, even when things don’t go to plan, and you’ll feel prepared enough to amend it.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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