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10 habits that can change your life


Life is a series of interconnecting moments, and there are so many moments we see as mundane and inconsequential. We shouldn’t. Every moment in our life has the potential to change it there and then, or over a period of time see the repetition of it enable a change. There are little habits you can pick up today to fill separate moments which will eventually lead to your life changing.

1) Eat breakfast

Get up every day and fuel your body. Get your metabolism active, get out of sleepy mode and feel ready to take on the day. Eating breakfast, especially with a glass of water, precedes good eating habits for the rest of the day, and doing it every day means you will become healthier and fitter.

2) Remember your Ps and Qs

Manners cost nothing, but they’re made to feel like such a high cost. Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ isn’t embarrassing or in need of much effort. Be aware of other people and be courteous towards them. You will be on the good side of most people you interact with and develop a good reputation for yourself. Good manners, though sadly rare, make people remember you for the best reasons.

3) Reply straightaway

We all get clogged up with voicemails, emails, texts and other missed connections on an ever growing platform of communication. The more you ignore them, the more they build up and impact your life. Reply as soon as possible to everything and get it out the way of your day. You could end up finding out something important or getting a good opportunity that will change your life.

4) Identify the point of no return

Excess every once in a while is enjoyable, but sometimes it happens frequently enough until the line of excess becomes blurred. Keep note of how many drinks you’ve had, cigarettes you’ve smoked chips you’ve eaten or whatever your vice is, and find the moment where you feel a change from when you started. When you find that change – where the alcohol hits you, your throat feels different, your stomach feels fuller – stop. Keeping control over things that you can, in a world where a lot of things are out of our control, is important.

5) Breathe deep

Conflicts are best resolved calmly. No matter how bitter or angry you are, or how tempted to make a sarcastic retort or harsh judgement, think of how useful such a contribution will be. Most arguments do not have to matter in the future, so do you want to have a past full of negative outcomes? Take deep breaths and stay calm when confronted by something you don’t like. You may even catch people off guard with a mature, level-headed response.

6) Plan your outfits

When we’re tired after a long day, we don’t have the motivation to plan anything, but choosing what to wear in good time can do wonders for you. Organising your wardrobe and cultivating your looks is one of life’s little pleasures but also shows you care about appearance and first impressions. If you go out into the world thinking you look good, you’ll act like you look good, and that will attract positivity.

7) Save half an hour to read

There is no greater habit than reading. Reading is educational, relaxing and entertaining all in one. Taking time in your day to read something that interests you, from a magazine to a good book to a scientific journal, is enriching. On a practical level, you will improve your vocabulary and analytical skills, as well as learning more about the world in the simplest way possible. Who knows when something you have read could become a good icebreaker, form a good interview answer or save you from a sticky situation?

8) Talk to someone you love

Days feel better when surrounded by people we love. Keep in good stead with everyone who matters to you and take the time to talk to them. If communication is long distance, plan a time in the week, month or whatever timeframe is practical, to check up on them. It can become something to look forward to and helps maintain the valuable relationships that we need when life becomes tough.

9) Plan to be happy daily

Happiness is a word that is very personal. However, there are specific things that can uplift your mood every single day. A few slight changes to your daily outlook and focusing in on the matters that can improve your life for the better is definitely worth the effort. If you want to start to be happier each day then use our happiness planner to guide you on your way.

10) Give to someone less fortunate

Charity comes in many forms, not just giving change to beggars on the street or doing fun runs. Sometimes you might let a child have the last chocolate bar, you might give a lift to someone caught in the rain or you might carry the shopping bags of a struggling elderly person. It’s very fulfilling to help others, more so than you think. Selfishness only leads you being stuck in a rut, when you end up with no one but yourself for company. Be compassionate and you might receive some compassion back.

Stick at these habits (on average it takes three weeks to develop a habit) and they will become commonplace. The majority of them depend on reciprocity. By putting in the effort to give something to yourself or someone else, you’ll be paid back dividends. To develop positive habits every single day subscribe to our Video Moods section for empowering tips.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.