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10 reasons why you are what you wear


Clothing does more than keep you warm and cover essential body parts, but what does it say to the outside world about you?Here’s 10 reasons you are what you wear.

You are your friends

Many studies show that celebrities and fashion brands do not have as big an effect on your style choices as you would think. We are more inspired by what we see in real life, rather than on the covers of Vogue and Elle. By observing the fashion choices of people we encounter in our daily lives, we are more likely to copy them due to their looks being seen as attainable, rather than follow the idealised image often made of models, singers and actresses. This likelihood is increased when these people have a positive rapport with us, such as friends and family. This is perhaps why we always feel the need to ask “Where did you get that from” at parties. [Why our friends define us]

You are your emotions

Dressing the way you feel is a very true part of life. Every time you go through a break up, a redundancy, a bereavement, your innerwear becomes outerwear. The sadness becomes muted tones and shades of black, and in contrast, your happiness becomes fluorescent hues spanning the rainbow. What you wear expresses what you feel, and in turn can be therapeutic. In hard times, trying to make yourself look as good as possible could give you the self-esteem boost you need to get on with life. [31 ways to increase your self worth] 

You are your work

Professionalism has a clear echo in clothing choices. You can scream it in power suits, pointed heels and carefully-used bright whites. Trying to impress and command in the world of work has historically been difficult for women, but you can send out serious messages with your choice of outfit in the boardroom, the office, the shop… wherever you work. The more your outfit matches your line of work – in terms of practicality, aesthetics and authority – the more people will believe in your abilities to work. [11 ways to be memorable]

You are your money

Clothing is often one of the biggest signifiers of economic status. The wealthier one is, the more revered are the social indicators. Designer brands might not technically be materially any different to high street brands – most indeed started as simple stand-alone shops on those streets – but the name elevates them. If your clothing can associate you to successful people, such as the designers who took their designs to worldwide platforms, then you can count yourself as part of the high end of society. As such, designer clothing has become an aspiration for many people, no matter their class. Obtaining ownership motivates others to climb the social ladder and become self-made successes. In terms of social status, clothing has come to mean a lot.

You are your sexuality

Certain items of clothing have come to adopt certain characteristics over time due to their nature in attracting a certain type of attention. Let’s admit it: we’ve all dressed up with the hopes of pulling. On come the mini skirts and bralets, or maybe you prefer to cover up a little bit with a jacket on top, or maybe you like to hint and not show with some bodycon, or maybe you’d rather not flaunt and rely on your gift of the gab… etc. etc. Babydoll dresses are ‘flirty’, but if the zip is too ostentatious then it veers on being too ‘available’? It seems that social values have been assigned to the finest details of our clothing. Hopefully, these social values will start to be taken less seriously someday, but it remains that the way we flaunt our bodies shows our sexualities, even if we only flaunt it for ourselves.

You are your interests

For those most in touch with the fashion world, it has become apparent that certain styles are more than just a style; they are a culture or a scene. The way you dress aligns you with a way of life – you are the Mom, or a Hipster, or a Yuppie, or a Rocker – and we can’t help but conform to what ignites the passion in us.[Tips to help you feel fabulous from women just like you]

You are your ambitions

There is a story bandied around about the man who invested in his wardrobe in order to get further in public speaking. He dressed like the person his audience wanted to be, as a figure they could look up to, even though his natural sartorial habitat was Gap. The more he earned, the more he invested in his image – in particular a Rolex which ended up being the biggest talking point amongst his peers rather than the material in his speech. It goes to prove that whatever you dress as is more to do with what you become. [The power of visualisation in making  your dreams come true]

You are your successes

Maybe this is not fair, but think: would you trust a man you came into the office with his shirt buttoned a bit too low, no belt holding his trousers up, 5 o clock shadow… in these modern times, if us women are judged on our clothes, then so should the men. Our occupation requires standards no matter who we are, and the more we match them, the more successful we are looking to be. It makes sense to reflect your greatest achievements in what you wear. Take pride in your appearance, because it shows that you take pride in what you have done.

You are your problems

If you’ve ever found yourself in a place of frustration, then your wardrobe could be the best place to turn first. The choices we make at the beginning of the day, with what we will wear and how we will present to the world, shows our attitude and personality without it even meaning to. For instance, do you sometimes chuck on a big t-shirt and jogging bottoms just to save yourself time? Maybe you could learn to manage your time better to get you out of this rut. Look at what could be inhibiting you from dressing the way you want to by looking at what you would want to wear on a daily basis.

You are you

Your clothes are your decision. They are what you choose to look like and that is something to celebrate. Take the time to recognise who you are and express that as much as you can in your clothes. It is the best way to be.

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This article was contributed by Pink Moods.