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10 reasons women love being in their 30s


It’s still part of our culture to obsess about age. Being ‘over the hill’ is a major worry for many people, and funnily enough everyone has a different age they consider to be too old, ranging from 50 to as young as 21! The truth is, the hill doesn’t exist. What does exist is life and how you live it. Understandably, as you get older, you get more experience, knowledge and maturity. You learn how to get what you want and how to treat other people. Your thirties comes after around a decade of adulthood. You’ve spent a good chunk of time trying to be financially independent, making decisions about your love life and family, discovering yourself away from when you were at school, and now you are ready. On average, it’s the decade where you hit you stride. So, what do women love about being in their thirties? I asked some women who’ve reached the benchmark for their reasons.

1) Contrary to popular belief, you are still young! The majority of women in their thirties are still far from the risk of major ailments, unless they’ve already been suffering with them. You might think you’ve passed your best days, but you’ll find you still have your energy and health – you just know how to make better use of them.

2) You can afford more of the finer things in life Now you’re more likely to be in a better financial situation and less wasteful of your money. This means not having to settle for cut price wine and opting for slightly more hygienic hotels when jetting off abroad.

3) With age comes self-confidence. The superficial worries of beauty and the insecurity that comes from the first forays into adulthood have long gone. You’re comfortable in your own skin and are more likely to accept and be happy in your appearance. However, confidence in other areas may still be lacking so if you need a boost then watch one of our confidence boosting videos or read one of our self discovery eBooks that helps you to discover your strengths.

4) You would rather have a few good friends than a 1000 on Facebook. You know who will give you the support you need and will know you best. The need for popularity and acceptance has disappeared because you now realise it brings no comfort. You want people who are genuine and will help you at your lowest.

5) The age 35 is used as a weapon against women: It’s now or never in terms of marriage, fertility… everything, apparently. The reality is most likely different. Thirties is the decade where it all comes together family wise, rather than falls apart. Whatever your situation, childless or a whole football team, lots of extended family or a small unit, you put family first and get real joy from having them in your life.

6) Credit scores, car loans, mortgages… The stresses of a twenty-something starting to stand on their own two feet are something you don’t have to think about any more. You’re now stable and secure, know which tax from what and have mastered the need to save for a rainy day.

7) Having responsibility is something you can fully appreciate. People now look to you for advice and respect your position and authority, and that gives you great fulfilment.

8) With the increase in freedom comes the lack of inhibition. You know better than to be embarrassed by things you won’t even remember next year. You no longer keep weird hobbies a secret, you’re open about your desires for the future, and you have the means to go out and pursue those interests rather than just dream about them.

9) The increase in maturity comes as a relief. The drama of drink-induced fights, selfish arguments and disastrous dates is something you can look back on and laugh. You’ve left that behaviour in the playground and now go about disagreements and conflicts in a more considerate and self-assured way.

10) And… the sex. Let’s face it, you might be at more of a physical peak in your twenties, but with age comes valuable, valuable experience. Adventure has become a bit more glamorous, in that it doesn’t mean the spare room of a house party. It’s often said that women hit a sexual prime in their mid-30s. You really know what you’re doing now.

Young adulthood has been a blast and the lessons learned you will cherish, but the great thing is that the party isn’t over. You can carry those lessons with you to have an amazing thirties. If you want to make the most of your thirties then why not try something new? Embracing the concept of a career change at 30 A new career can bring a whole new beginning. Whatever you do enjoy the decade and embrace the moment!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.