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10 signs you are valued


We can allow ourselves a moment from time to time where we feel like we are ‘no good’ to anyone. These thoughts tend to leave our heads as soon as they have entered, as there isn’t a person in this world who isn’t valued by someone somewhere. But if you are in a situation where this thought has hung around for a little longer than you would like it to, then it’s about time you were shown the signs that you are valued!

1. You have friends

If someone has let you into their life as a permanent fixture then this shows you that they need and want you to be there. The older we get the more selective we get with our friends; whilst once we may have had hundreds of friends in school, now we only let those we truly respect to be around us, which is a perfect demonstration that you are valued.

2. You have family

If there is one group of people in the world that should value you as a person it is your family. The time spent growing up in a close-knit unit creates a bond that can last regardless of the people we become. Your family can be some of the most relentless supporters for your value on this earth!

3. You are employed

Having a job means someone values you to do the job better than any other who might have filled that position. Regardless of how large your workplace is, if you are entrusted to complete tasks for them this is an obvious sign you are a valuable member of the team [Empowering Patterns Of Behaviour In Work Based Relationships]!

4. You are asked advice

It could be a stranger on the street or your best friend; somebody who asks for your advice clearly values what you have to say in return. If you look and sound like the kind of person who will speak some sense then you will be surprised by how much value others hold in what you say. Visit the Pink Moods community where an entire network of women could be waiting on your help!

5. You value others

Developing relationships with other people relies on the fact that there is a mutual effort that is contributed when cementing that bond. You must first value other people if you expect them to be valued you in return, because the moment you begin to develop respect and trust and start to open yourself up is the moment that they will begin to value you back.

6. You have been loved

Any relationship you have had, or still have, is a resounding signal that you could have been the most valuable person in another’s life. If there is one feeling that with ensure that you understand the value you have to offer to others it is through being loved [10 ways to feel more loved].

7. You have positive qualities

If you have positive qualities to give, the chances are that those around you value them. Sometimes the reason we can have low self-esteem is because we are only able to see ourselves for the more challenging qualities we possess. However, if you recognise that you have positive qualities then you can be sure that you are valued for them.

8. You have had an effect on people you don’t know

That time you helped someone with their shopping or had a friendly conversation with a stranger are just examples of occasions where your kindness to others made them value you in a way you could never be aware of. Value doesn’t just come from those people we see as successful or popular, but from everyone you ever meet.

9. You have progressed in life

If you have moved forward and achieved things throughout your life then this is a sign of your value. If you were not worth anything then you would be unable to achieve anything or go anywhere, but progression throughout your life is proof of your value and it’ll only ever increase.

10. You value yourself

Most importantly, being able to value yourself as a person is the true sign of your value. Being accepting of the kind of person you are and liking it is crucial in having a stable self worth [31 ways to increase your self-worth]. The opinions of others are useless if you are not able to see any value yourself.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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