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Challenge your Mindset

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10 ways to believe in yourself when nobody else does


There comes a time in everyone’s life when their support networks feels a little distant. Rather than comforting and protective, it is neglectful and unsympathetic. People will always be there for you, but they have their own lives and opinions. They can’t always agree with you and believe in you. There are ways you can do this yourself.

1) Survival.

You’ve made it to this point from infancy – constantly adapting, learning and growing without thinking – and you will continue beyond this point. Unconscious survival is a process that never stops, though we forget this when we reach adulthood. Believe you can make it through, because you already have so many times.

2) Destructive to productive.

Frustration is ultimately a powerful energy that is being dictated by negative emotion. You need to turn this struggle into potential. Use your energy towards progressing and improving however you can.

3) Have fun.

Do something you enjoy and stop caring about what other people think. Take enjoyment out of looking after yourself and you will start to feel more comfortable with depending on yourself.

4) Dismantle the pressure.

Pressure is something that builds. If it’s been assembled, it can also be dissembled. Take time away from projects and commitments to calm down and rejuvenate. We all need a little bit of pressure, but those who feel stressed are often imagining the extent of it.

5) Try something new.

Being an absolute beginner means you’re not supposed to be good at it already. Enjoy the bewilderment and freedom of being in a new environment. As you progress, your self-belief will be reaffirmed.

6) Help others.

Use your expertise in every situation you can and remind yourself that you are valuable and have experiences others don’t. The gratitude of others will help you realise your capability.

7) Hold on to your friends and family.

Keep the company of the people who want to support you and will love you regardless of their doubts. Aim to make them proud.

8) Value the challenge, not the outcome.

You often feel rewarded more by education and self-efficacy than by praise and approval. When people say it’s about the journey, they aren’t joking.

9) Choose your idols wisely.

There are many people in popular culture who overcame adversity to get to the top. Read their stories and realise you aren’t alone in your struggles.

10) Be healthy.

Sound body, sound mind. Fatigued and malnourished brains become hotbeds of anxiety and stress. They will convince themselves that they are too weak to continue, when their weakness is temporary. Sleep well, eat well and exercise.

People often don’t know how resilient they are until they have to be. As the old proverb goes, if you’re going through hell, keep going. You eventually push through to the other side, even if you don’t know what it looks like yet.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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