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10 Ways to Find Passions in Your Life


Feeling a little jaded? Everything looking a little grey? What you need is a passion to add spice to your life. There’s so much out there to be enthusiastic about, but how can you find something that will suit you?

1. Keep an Open Mind

Be open to new experiences. Do things you’ve never tried before or travel somewhere different from your usual haunts. You might surprise yourself and develop a new passion. [The sky's the limit]

2. Passions Change

Recognise that your passions will change as you go through life. Although boy bands may have been ‘your thing’ when you were thirteen, our tastes alter. Different decades are likely to bring about changes in what you like to do. If you want a bit of support in discovery of your purpose in life then download our eBook on ‘The secrets to discovering your inner purpose’ from some of the best HR specialists and top coaches.

3. Get Involved

Joining a club or society won’t just give you an activity to get involved in, but also a great opportunity to socialise and meet new likeminded people to share your enthusiasm. You could even join our motivating community.

4. Do What You Want to do

Don’t assume because everyone you know enjoys or likes a certain activity that you have to feel the same about it. If the thought of going with the gang to aqua aerobics doesn’t thrill you, strike out on your own. Look for something that you will find rewarding and that will hold your interest.

5. Finding a Passion on a Budget

A passion doesn’t have to break the bank. For example if you enjoy travelling, you can find lovely places to visit closer to home without going to the other side of the world. You even could use your passion to save you money while doing an creative and fun activity such as making your own clothes or upcycling furniture.

6. Discovering Your Perfect Passion May Take Time

Give lots of new things a go and you might find one thing in particular that really does it for you. You might have tried Pilates, Portuguese and pottery with no success but sooner or later something will take your fancy.  It may be worth starting with discovering your hidden talents. [5 ways to discover your hidden talent].

7. The Wonders of Nature

Head off into the great outdoors and be inspired by Mother Nature. It can offer breath-taking trails, unlimited subjects for photography, and the endorphins produced in your body from exercise can really pep you up while increasing your fitness. Passions involving the natural world are known to be good for both body and mind. You could even share your pictures on Pink Moods art  for some feedback (It may even take you in a new direction in your career as a result!).

8. Embrace a Thirst for Knowledge

You often develop a passion when you’re really knowledgeable about something. An interest in a topic, whether it’s Tudor history or reading up about the benefits of going organic, can ignite a fire and make you want to find out more and more.

9. Learn Some New Tricks

It’s never too late to learn something new. Go to night classes, take your partner to Tango or learn how to play an instrument. You never know what impressive talents you could foster! Alternatively, you could rediscover an old passion you used to have and enjoyed but had to set aside due to other commitments.

10. Give Something Back

It can be really rewarding to develop a passion that does something to help others. Whether it’s volunteering for a charity, as a National Trust guide for example if you’re into heritage, or doing sponsored runs to raise money for a good cause. Studies have shown that altruism can help to give you a focus and sense of purpose as well as a warm feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Download our happiness one page planner to change a few key habits to help you to  feel happier every day.

There are all sorts of avenues to explore, so don’t resign yourself to the ‘same old, same old’ and start discovering your passion now.




This article was contributed by Pink Moods.