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10 Ways to Gain Respect as a Leader.


Great leadership incorporates many human qualities that stand out within an individual personality. We all recognise those personality qualities that assist the acceptance and attractiveness of a leader. Quiet often a leader has charisma a sense of human a style and charm that has the ability to almost instantly connect and attract people to them. Some people are gifted in making an immediate impact and connection with others. If there were 10 strangers in an empty room the people with charisma would start to emerge as they engaged with each other.

From the English dictionary Charisma is defined as: a special power that some people have naturally
that makes them able to influence other people and attract their attention and admiration.

There are other qualities that can be associated with leadership, vision, firmness and consistency of decision making and a determination without being inflexible to move towards the desired goals. Being a good representative of values and the principles helps to motivate and instil a sense of belief from those associate with the company or group that is represented. When we think of examples of great leadership, we can identify some of the traits that have made leaders like Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Winston Churchill great leaders. Nelson Mandela displayed humility and a determination, his leadership took him into situations of opposition to end apartheid in South Africa, and he endured situations that most of us would want to avoid. Margaret Thatcher was a leader who was known for never compromising her views, even when faced by strong opposition by the group she represented. Sir Winston Churchill was known to be representative of all that is said to be great in Britain, his leadership skills are reported to have been more effective during war time than in peace.

Whoever we recognise as being a great leader there are a mixture of personality traits behaviours and skills that support the recognition of individual leadership in a managerial/leadership role:

1. Clarity of representation-knowing what is required to lead at the time, what are people looking for change, stability, growth, recognition. Knowledge about a given situation and circumstances, the ability to have a vision for the future.
2. Having a strategy, having the ability to plan and determine the necessary steps to achieve a goal.
3. Positive attitude, an infectious driver that motivates, someone who is just so positive about everything they create an atmosphere that is dynamic. This atmosphere encourages and fosters a sense of self belief and group belief.
4. Powers of persuasion, consultation and negotiation.
5. Organisational ability, aligning the right resources at the right time towards the goals.
6. The ability to form and maintain relationships, relationships that command respect even if the view is different.
7. The ability to influence others who are in positions of leadership or those in positions that relate to the cause being represented.
8. Trust, honesty and integrity applied in all circumstances, this builds the kind of relationships that survive the most difficult and challenging times, making memorable relational values.
9. The ability to focus on the priorities of the task.
10. To see the bigger picture and the detail or the quality required.


Hazel Rowell Peverley

Hazel’s coaching expertise is grounded in 20 years of experience and a National, Business and Life coaching client base. She works with solution focused techniques, and by exploring the challenges, sensitivities and tensions we develop and progress to achieve results. It is important for a relationship to know and trust that there is change and shift in progress. Shared session summaries, record progress and demonstrate evidence based track record, valued by both the individual and commercial business contracts. Her qualifications include specific counselling and coaching qualifications, and professional recognition from HR & coaching bodies. She quotes her client’s success as her real achievements.


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