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10 ways to instantly boost your self-esteem


There is no quick root to confidence. It takes a lot of time to permanently build up your self-esteem, but sometimes we need those immediate pick-me-ups to help us through difficult moments. Here are 10 ways you can boost your self-esteem right away.

1) Posture

Good posture encourages your mind to mirror the confidence it exudes. By taking a strong stance you’re exposing yourself without being vulnerable, which is a good first step toward being more open – a struggle often faced by those with low self-esteem. People will see you as confident and treat you respectfully. Imagine a string is pulling you up from your head and put your shoulders back and your chin up, you will immediately feel stronger within yourself.

2) Smelling good

A good shower or bath and some nice perfume are two big indicators in social situations. Smelling good and looking clean are your most obvious traits – more obvious than your looks – so don’t skip out on them. The hygienic feeling will give you a little lift.

3) Positive affirmation

Positive body language – from smiling to nodding – can be self-affirming. It encourages agreement and helps you feel better about how things in your life are progressing, a good state of mind to have when in public. [5 powerful positive affirmations]

4) Superstition

This isn’t to encourage you to start practising pagan rituals! Maybe you have a ‘lucky charm’, or a memento from a happy time, or a little trinket that reminds you of someone you love. The reassurance from superstitions like these will make you feel more positive.

5) Light exercise

You don’t need a hardcore work out programme at the gym to feel the benefits of exercise. Gentle cardio, from walking to aerobics, regulates and increases the blood flow to your heart and brain, which will trigger the release of endorphins and boost your self-esteem.

6) Deep breathing

Extrapolated from Buddhist practises such as tai chi and yoga, deep breaths will calm you and help you refocus. Try to slowly ‘deactivate’ your body as you breathe, starting with your arms to your feet.

7) Drink

By drink, we don’t mean alcohol! Staying hydrated stops you being fatigued, which makes you more susceptible to negative thinking. Have a bottle of water handy, or enjoy some brief downtime with a coffee.

8) Talk to your loved ones

Support is the best way to build self-esteem. The small steps towards holding onto support involve text messages, phone calls and home visits. Your loved ones will be on your side so turn to them. Don’t talk yourself into thinking they’re biased – it might be true, but that’s not a bad thing. If you feel unable to talk about certain issues with them then join our community for an opportunity to chat openly and anonymously with people who may have been in the same situation.

9) Look back at your achievements

When you feel a bit low, remind yourself of a time where you achieved something. Look at a certificate or a medal. It doesn’t have to be monumental, but proof that you can and do regularly improve and achieve to get as far as you have. Keep a log of it within your profile of achievements on here to keep referring back to.

10) A symbol of your inspiration

Some of us have idols we aspire to be like. They may be close to home or a famous figure. Carry around with you a reminder of where you want to be, from photographs to autobiographies. It gives you something to aim for and encourages you not to give up on yourself.

The first step you must take when dealing with very low self-esteem is to seek professional help. This is the only way to solve your problem permanently. In the interim, use these tips for immediate effect in situations leaving you worried or out of control and watch our confidence building videos to give you an immediate and relatable boost. One of these tips or tools could be just the boost your self-esteem needs.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.