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10 Ways to Overcome Boredom


Trapped, restless and lethargic – boredom. We count down every second until the weekend, then its Friday night and…what? We sit around and feel guilt for all the things we SHOULD be doing but aren’t. Sometimes we can feel as though most days of our lives are dull and unfulfilled. Surprisingly, a day of doing nothing can actually make us more tired. So, how can we make a change?

Go Out

Search for events that are on in your area. It could be comedians, music, shows or something completely new entirely. Whether it’s your thing or not, spontaneously going out with your partner or friends will guarantee an ‘experience’ that gets you out of the house and into a more stimulating environment.


A foolproof way to cure boredom is to exercise. It has been found to improve our mood, self-esteem and energy levels which not only reduces those negative feelings associated with boredom, but could boost us to engage in more activities that help keep us happy and occupied.

Join a Class or Club

Although sometimes the idea of leaving the house might not seem appealing, once you make the effort you will always be thankful you did. If you are alone at home each day, then it’s a great way to meet people that will distract you from that feeling of boredom you get when you are by yourself.

Change Careers

A rather big change just to cure boredom, but considering the amount of our lives given to work, (on average, we continuously work over 10 solid years of our life) do we not owe it to ourselves to be at least spending that time doing something that we love? Easier said than done perhaps, but when the alternative is working in the same mundane job for the foreseeable future, having a brief scan of what else is available seems a more appealing option. If this is something that you are considering then download our eBooks on how to live with a purpose and our step by step eGuide on how to find a new job.

Plan your day

Don’t give yourself an opportunity to be bored, line up your day so that you ensure there won’t be a dull moment. Planning can also help if you are tired, as having something laid out before you means less effort thinking of what you need to do and allows you to take your time to tick off things in your checklist. To get started with your to do list then visit organise me for support. However, for planning your day ahead and organising your mind, life or day then download our checklists and planners to get you motivated.


Psychologists suggest that due to the pleasurable hormones released when eating, it is often a common go to when we are bored. They even found that the happiest moments of some people’s days were when they were eating. Unfortunately for some of us, comfort eating is exactly what we want to avoid. The phrase a ‘moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ comes to mind, as many of us seek momentary pleasure from foods such as chocolate but are left feeling guilty and unhealthy afterwards. So if we are hungry, why not make productive use of it by getting into the kitchen and putting some effort into making something that is good for us. Not only will we feel rewarded that we’ve made something healthy but it will also cure the craving for comfort eating.

Take breaks

If we are engaging in an activity that makes us bored, whether that be at work or at home – to break up that feeling of restlessness, taking frequent breaks to divert our minds elsewhere can help break up our tasks into more manageable chunks. This will allow us to regain a positive mind-set before continuing with our work as research has shown that positive, happy employees are more productive. So by allowing yourself some time to feel positive you might be able to get far more out of your day.

Plan for the Future

The repetitive routine of life can get to all of us, but if we look beyond the now and start to plan for the future this can give us goals to look forward to. This could be a holiday, event or weekend away…Take control of your life by setting targets, so that the less enjoyable things don’t seem so endless. Start today by setting a goal in our motivating goal setting network and make it happen!


Ever heard of something called retail therapy? Some of us don’t need any more encouragement to scour the shops, these days you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. 62% of us admit to buying something to improve our mood, and why? That’s because it works. Psychologists have described online shopping as a ‘mini mental holiday’. So what better way to cure our boredom than to let ourselves jet off? Or why not buy something for someone you care about (or even yourself), visit our shop for our ‘feel good’ clothing and gifts.

Simply, find something to do

If you can’t bear to look at a spreadsheet any longer, go and make a cup of tea or anything that involves taking yourself away from the situation that causes you those feelings. Even 5 minutes daydreaming could give us some inspiration as to how to tackle the task ahead of us…


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