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10 ways to reclaim your zest


Zest is more than a passion or enjoyment for life, but a necessity. To live with zest is to live as though you can’t feel alive unless totally connected to the world as it lives, creates, dies and resurrects. In essence, zest is to life what thirst is to water or fatigue is to sleep. If you felt life has been listless and lacklustre for too long, here are 10 tips on how to get your need to reclaim your zest and feel alive again.

1) Embrace the outdoors

Nature is life at its most base, ceaseless yet simple. Go outside to the parks, fields or beaches and enjoy the beauty of nature, from the flowers and the trees to the rivers and lakes. It’s good to feel a part of nature and remind yourself that you are a drop in the ocean.

2) Take up mindfulness

The highly-praised meditation technique is particularly good for reclaiming zest because of how it encourages you to completely focus on the present moment, forgetting the past and its regrets or the future and its worries. [The benefits of living a mindful life] Mindfulness is about connecting with everything around you as it happens and being in the now.

3) Help someone in need

Life is built upon choices and sometimes we don’t feel the power of our choices enough. You will understand your privilege and power by helping someone less fortunate. It could be donating to the homeless, assisting the disabled or volunteering for the elderly, but taking time to help others live will make you realise what it is to live in the first place and why not to take it for granted. [Download our daily happiness planner here] 

4) Go on holiday to somewhere you’ve never gone before

Discovery and curiosity reawakens that passion in you. Escaping the doldrums to visit a brand new place, especially with a different culture in which you live. Not only will the holiday give you a good break but you see and learn new experiences and ideas.

5) Take a random road trip

The risk of not knowing what’s to come is the simplest way to live on the edge of life. Get a group of friends and just travel wherever you can without planning. This will fully tap into all your instincts and knowledge and put them to use. Whether it goes well or disastrously, you will likely not forget the journey.

6) Make something

It can be anything, from a meal to a collage to a scarf. Just create something from whatever you have at hand and immerse yourself in the process. A lot of enjoyment can come from creativity and play without any great purpose. If you want feedback on your artwork, poetry or other creative pieces then submit them to our Pink Moods Art community.

7) Have a family party

The key to happiness is love, and having family and friends you love can get you through anything. Consider throwing a get-together to bring them all close – it doesn’t have to be a special event – and enjoy a bit of merriment.

8) Develop a positive relationship with food

You need to find the balance between ‘live to eat’ and ‘eat to live’. Often, food is a source of comfort for many negative emotions, and not just sadness but also boredom or anger. Zest is about appreciation but freedom to enjoy. Don’t eat unless you’re hungry, but when you do make sure it’s something indulgent and well-made. Don’t resort to ready-meals or processed goods to get you through.

9) Reevaluate where you are in life

Check all areas of your life and give them a good cleanse. What’s holding you back from living life to the fullest? It could be your home, your job, your relationship or something else which you’re tolerating but not embracing. Think honestly and clearly about what you want from life and put a plan into action. Visit our Self Discovery eBooks for some fun and reflective introspection to help you along the way.

10) Let go

Sometimes zest is edged out by overthinking. [5 methods to stop overthinking] The passion to do things is overcome by anxieties, stresses and meticulous plans and routines that we deal with in order to function. Worries can be hard to soothe [A strategy for coping with a mind of worry] but it’s worth a try. Give yourself some self-therapy and love one day and just let it go. Turn off every device and forget every responsibility. Join our site for empowering tools to support you, including eBooks, videos, planners and a community of support.

Zest is a quality hard to describe but a powerful and obvious quality to feel. There’s excitement, clarity and bliss to experience when you live with zest. Don’t deny yourself the pleasures of living itself, you only have one chance to do it well. Don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.