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11 Ways to Prepare for the Love of your Life


There is always a slight impatience and curiosity about when we will meet the love of our life, and how will we know? By living by the romantic ideal that ‘we’ll just know’, doesn’t give us an awful lot of time to get ready for it. A little planning ahead wouldn’t go amiss – so here are 11 ways to prepare yourself for the love of your life.

Take a master class in you

How will anybody be able to get to know you, if you don’t know yourself? What are your likes and dislikes, what are your morals? There is nothing more attractive than a person who knows their own mind – and knowing what’s right for you means when it comes to finding love, you won’t waste your time with the wrong people. Use our self discovery ebooks to help you learn more about yourself.

Clear out the clutter

Get rid of the bad habits, negative reminders and destructive people in your life. It could be cutting out junk food or that friend who just causes you angst. When you meet the love of your life you don’t want to be focused on insignificant troubles– so sort them out beforehand so that when you fall for someone, you really fall. A literal clear out of the clutter in your house wouldn’t harm either… Visit our planners section to help organise your mind and your home.

Be your best self

You’ve cleaned out your life, and you feel healthy, happy and fulfilled. This is being your best self. By being confident that you are doing everything in your life to be happy this will only radiate to those around you.

Get everything out of your system

Fulfilling all of the ambitions that you set out for yourself means that you won’t be regretful 5 years later.  By not doing what makes you happy right now, you will start to live in the ‘if only’ world. Living in the past only creates resentment, therefore chase after the experiences you always wanted right now and you never know who you might meet along the way.

Heal old wounds

There is no place for old ties with ex-boyfriends, or baggage from previous relationships. [The real reason you are missing your past relationship] Rather than allowing yourself to be ‘injured’ by that tough break up for the rest of your life and expect to be treated like fragile china, resolve it. There are many ways to recover from these negative experiences,[Getting over your ex] and although there will be men caring enough out there to deal with it – why allow something so hurtful to flavour such a beautiful experience?

Don’t be self-absorbed

If you are constantly worrying about this and that, and are still very much focused on working your mind out, all your attention will be focused inwardly.[How self awareness can improve your relationships] In order to really see what’s around you, you need to have an outward perspective that will allow you to truly connect with the people you meet. Too much focus on yourself and you could miss the initial ‘spark’ when it happens.

If you don’t ask, you won’t get

Finding the love of your life means being brave about asking for what you want, mind games are tiresome and always causes imbalances in the ‘give and take’ process. Be clear about what you want, and you can cut through those who will waste your time to find a man who is secure enough to take you on. If you need to be clearer about what you want from a relationship then download our handy guides here.

Believe it

Allow yourself to believe it will happen. Too often we are told to be realistic and to ‘not get our hopes up’ but when have you ever heard of a story of success that has come from that? Dream about what could be, this will only make you more attuned to when it’s happening.

Don’t be narrow minded

Our 16 year old selves may have created long check-lists of criteria that the love of our lives must fulfil. They must be 31, work in finance, have a red Porsche and live in a suburb outside of the city. Actually finding who you will fall in love with is a lucky draw, you may be completely surprised by who you begin relationships with – but just because they skipped a few points on your list doesn’t mean they aren’t right for you.

Love yourself

You need to love yourself in order to believe others will love you too. Accepting your weaknesses and adoring your strengths will show that you don’t need to have a man in your life simply to make you confident. Knowing that you’ve chosen to have someone in your life makes them all the more grateful to be there as they will know that it is a desire not a need. If you need to build your self esteem a little then visit Video Moods for some relatable empowering advice at the touch of a button.

Get out there

You are ready for the love of your life, but you certainly won’t find him in front of the TV. Go out, try new things and open up the opportunities for it to happen – if you have everything else in this list in order, then finding someone who wants to be part of it will be easy.

Hold on in there it will happen soon!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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