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15 things to remember when you are feeling alone


Some of us enjoy time being alone, whilst others of us loathe it. Being alone can be a positive experience as long as you view it from the right perspective.

Here are 15 things to remember when you are feeling alone:

1. Someone is always a phone call away
We have multiple forms of technology to allow us to stay in touch, so whenever you’re feeling alone there is always a way to communicate with others no matter where you are. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call a friend, it can be amazing how much of a difference a friendly voice can make to our mood and with it being so easy to stay in touch you should never have to feel alone again.

2. It happens to everyone
You might believe you are alone in being alone, but for every second you feel that way there will be millions of others who share the same emotion. Having to be alone from time to time is a natural part of a person’s life, so whenever you feel that way take comfort in the fact that others will be thinking the exact same as you.

3. It is not forever
When you feel alone, remember that it is not forever. At some point in the next few minutes or hours the feeling will dissipate and you will feel comforted once again. You don’t have to resist feeling alone as you know whether you try to get rid of it or not it will always eventually leave you.

4. It is healthy
We all need time alone where we have moments of quiet to reflect on our thoughts and take a break. Constantly surrounding yourself with people in fear of being alone shows that you are not truly comfortable with being by yourself and what you might feel in that time. Knowing who you are both with people and alone is a very important part of feeling confident within yourself.

5. Everything happens for a reason
There are times in everyone’s life when they are feeling alone and whilst we don’t like it, it could be to allow us to achieve other things in our life. There are some things that might require us to be alone, so instead of allowing yourself to become down about it, try and do something that you will benefit from.

6. You don’t rely on others for your happiness
Just because you are alone, does it mean you are unhappy? Being able to feel content within your own company shows that you have an internal happiness and fulfilment that you don’t seek from the approval of others.

7. You can do something about it
If you are feeling alone you don’t have to succumb to it if you do not wish to. Make an effort to address that feeling yourself and don’t wait for others to come to you. If you don’t enjoy being alone then be pro-active in making e an effort to minimise the amount of time that you are by yourself.You could even join the Pink Moods community to discover others who may be able to offer some supportive advice.

8. You don’t fear it
Being alone is nothing to be feared. The only thing that can hurt us is our own thoughts and feelings, and that is what can sometimes scare people. Being a victim of your own overthinking mind [5 methods to stop overthinking] can be something some of us will try everything to avoid, but being alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you control the thoughts that you allow to come into your head during this time.

9. Just because you are alone, you are not lonely
Being lonely is associating negative connotations with being alone. Loneliness is a depressed, sad feeling we get because we might feel unloved [10 ways to feel more loved] or unconsidered by others. But just because you are alone it does not also mean you are those other things. Remember to separate the feeling of loneliness with the feeling of being alone.

10. Things change
We might have gone through a period in our life where we always had someone by our side and now we don’t. Things change in life and will continue to change. Part of this means accepting that some of your life might be spent feeling alone, but it is how you adapt and embrace it that becomes important – not what has been lost.

11. It’s time for you
Being alone is time for just you; there are no opinions, pressures or distractions from other people and this allows us to think independently and keep track of how we feel about things, rather than others. When you are alone you only have to make decisions that benefit yourself, which for some can be extremely liberating.

12. There is always someone that cares about you
You might be physically alone right now, but you are never emotionally alone as someone will always love, care and think about you no matter where you are in the world. Just thinking about loved ones can be enough to banish any negative thoughts that might creep into your head.

13. You can use it productively
Being alone is time that could be spent productively. So think of something that you can do just for yourself, it could be indulging in a pampering session or catching up on some much needed sleep. Think of the times you had wished you could be alone and make use of the moments you have.

14. Smile
When you’re alone, remember to smile. You don’t have to have other people around you to be able to smile and feel happy on your own accord. Smiling can help make you feel comforted and content in being alone, rather than resenting it.

15. What you can look forward to
When you’re alone, remember all the things you have to look forward to in the future and all the positive things you have to look back on. You don’t have to focus on the fact you are alone when it is happening, but think positive thoughts of when you have been with other people.

Being alone has never felt so good before!


Photo Credit: http://www.123rf.com/profile_vadimgozhda

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