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15 ways to be kinder and more compassionate to others


The one undeniable, indisputable truth about happiness is that kindness and compassion is key. How you treat others will directly impact your happiness and well-being, and is the guaranteed way to unlocking opportunity and enjoying life. Whether young or old, being kinder and more compassionate can give you so much more, as much as it gives to other people. Here are the top 15 ways to be kinder and more compassionate:

1) Find your common ground.

Seek to find a connection with others and take an interest in them. Wanting to reach out and find common ground shows you are attentive and caring.

2) Don’t take everything personally.

Everybody is different, and part of those differences can be in the way you express yourself. Someone’s individual qualities and unique opinions are a part of them and not a reflection on you. Choose not to be automatically offended or affronted by somebody, but understanding of them.

3) Listen.

Lending an ear to somebody is the most simple yet most effective way to show you care. Nothing is kinder than giving your time to listen to somebody’s problems and let them get something off their chest. [Top tips to comfort others]

4) Don’t always think about yourself.

This is the foundation of compassion. If you ever feel down about a problem or become stuck worrying about yourself, try and get out of your own head by asking other people about themselves. This is not only a welcome distraction for you but a kind gesture towards others.

5) Treat others how you want to be treated.

This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes when we feel at our worst, we can’t help but take it out on others. Remember who or what is responsible for your emotions.

6) Understand your power.

You can only change what you have power over. You cannot change what others do to you, so change what you can do to others.

7) Do a good deed.

Contributing something helpful and productive towards somebody’s day is helpful and productive for you too. It’s also an instant way to boost your mood.

8) Look after yourself.

This is different to being selfish or self-absorbed, and more to do with being self-caring and self-aware. Think about how you present as a person and the kind of person people want to be around. [Looking for love? Start with yourself]

9) Recognise the ways you are not unique.

If you ever find yourself annoyed or frustrated with a person or people, remember that others may feel that way about you. You don’t have special privileges to be only liked and loved.

10) Respond to emotion.

You see more in a person in how they say something rather than what they say. If their words are offensive, arrogant, or childish to you, but the delivery or intent isn’t, then you should be more compassionate.

11) Admit your faults to yourself and accept them.

Self-acceptance, when done properly, can truly help you become more compassionate, because you become more understanding of other people’s flaws and more appreciative of their better qualities.

12) Don’t assume or expect.

When you make judgements of others, you’re not allowing them to express themselves how they want to. This limits your ability to be compassionate and understanding, if you have already made up your mind on their character before knowing their story.

13) Always look for humour.

When situations allow, it’s always best to take the light-hearted approach. Be open to others with a smile on your face – a kinder look invites a kinder response.

14) Value honesty above everything.

Kindness and compassion are only valuable when given genuinely. If you set a precedent to be truthful and value honesty, you’ll find that being kind and compassionate is incredibly easy.

15) Create a comfortable environment for others.

If you see somebody who looks left out or loney, be inclusive. Be somebody who others want to be around.

The power of being kind and compassionate comes from wanting to be. While being considerate is important, when you allow yourself to think of others and their needs before your own, you gain a more nuanced understanding and appreciation of life in ways you’d never think. The amount you could learn from being kind and compassionate to others is worth the effort. To further develop your interpersonal communication skills join our empowering community with tools to motivate, support and inspire you.


Photo Credit: Copyright: hxdbzxy / 123RF Stock Photo

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