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15 ways to keep your mind youthful


Being young is easy, but still being a responsible adult at the same time can prove tricky. Nobody wants to face to the reality of getting old, but making the effort to hold onto youth can actually be of benefit to you. Considering brain activity can start to decrease at as early an age as 30, consider these 15 ways of keeping the mind young and combating ageing in the brain.

1) Learn something new everyday

A child-like curiosity for learning is what keeps you young. Be enthusiastic to learn about something you never did at school (or have long since forgotten). Try and remember the excitement you felt when younger after figuring something out for the first time and understanding it. If it helps – and the library or internet is too boring – sign up for a local class on your chosen subject.

2) Keep up to date with the world

It’s hard to feel young when you have no idea about which famous people and events are in the news. Be an active part of the world. There’s a difference between knowing the new developments and trying to be ‘down with the kids’. Getting on Twitter and learning the slang is fine, but sharing ‘memes’ and joining a ‘fandom’ might be pushing it a little too far.

3) Get puzzling

A young mind is sharp and quick to answer. Give your mind a workout to increase its functionality. By completing puzzles like Sudoku or playing strategy games like chess, you improve your brain’s pattern recognition and reflexes.

4) Do something out of the box

A young brain requires a young attitude. Do something out of the ordinary on one of the weekends and experience something just for the fun of it. There are plenty of weird and wonderful events taking place up and down the country.

5) Eat well

The brain needs fuel to stay functioning, so give it the right kind of energy. Bananas and fish have always been touted as ‘brain foods’ but cinnamon and avocado are also highly recommended.

6) Play a sport

The hand-eye coordination, the need for strategy and general cardiovascular workout can do wonders for your brain. Having to work at a fast pace will mean your brain will need to keep up, making you sharper in the process.

7) Get organised

The capacity for memory starts to get worn the older we get, so get organised to combat this. Lists, planners, calendars and apps on the phone can keep you in check and eventually the constant reminders will cause your brain to add certain things to the long-term memory.

8) Relax more

When the brain is overheated, it needs a break. After a stressful day’s work, let yourself unwind and switch off from the world. Just as you need to look after your body, you should look after your brain too. [A checklist for chilling out and enjoying life] 

9) Sleep more

Studies show that young people need more sleep than older adults in order to recover fully, why not replicate them? Have lie-ins whenever you can and get early nights when necessary. Give your brain as much time as possible rest. [8 habits of the sleep deprived]

10) Laugh as much as possible

Comedy can be a great stress reliever and stops you thinking too much about serious topics. Set certain times to deal with the tedious ‘adult’ tasks of your day, then dedicate the rest to a more light-hearted fare.

11) Be confident

Thinking you’re young isn’t about copying their trends but being confident in being more experiences and having your own style. People are often inspired and impressed by unique, older people for what they can teach. [Grow your self confidence]

12) Learn an instrument

The process of learning patterns and playing methods of an instrument, as well as music theory, engages multiple parts of the brain simultaneously and keeps them active. Plus, learning an instrument is always cool (even if it shouldn’t be!)

13) Have fun

Spice up the daily routine a bit. Don’t complete things so coldly and clinically. Sing at the top of your lungs in the car, dance around in the kitchen, or have a joke in the office. Life isn’t always serious.

14) Get creative

You don’t have to the next Picasso to enjoy being creative. This is particularly good for involving children. Get some arts and crafts supplies and channel your inner Blue Peter presenter, making cards and trinkets. Send images of your artistic creation in to our Pink Moods Art community. 

15) Believe you’re young

It’s all in the mind. Tell yourself you’re young and you’re young. Your age doesn’t have to define every aspect of your life. Keep the vitality of youth close to you. [5 signs that you are young at heart]

Youth isn’t defined by immaturity but by optimism. Find enjoyment in every aspect of life as you can and immerse yourself in it. Getting a job and a mortgage doesn’t have to stop you living for anything else. You can still engage your brain and celebrate being a live. Keeping the mind young, no matter the changes to your body, is the key.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.