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18 ways to challenge your own fearful reactions and turn them around


Fear is a natural reaction. We are born to be afraid or apprehensive to certain situations as a form of defense. Fear is developed from the survival instincts of our ancestors, as the default emotion when confronted with danger. In the modern world however, we live in much safer environments, and many of our fears are irrational, often associated with new and unknown situations. Fear can be seriously inhibiting and stop us from reaching our full potential. Knowing how to challenge your own fearful reactions and turn them around can greatly help with overcoming your fear altogether. Here are the 18 best ways:

1) Be objective.

Take yourself consciously away from the situation and view yourself from a third-person perspective. Think about how you appear to other people and what they think of the situation at hand. [5 Behaviours people don't respect]

2) Calculate the worst case scenario.

Fear is often exacerbated by the desire to not get a single thing wrong, so much so that we forget that the worst case scenario isn’t always an irrecoverable position. [Why you don't need to live in fear]

3) Imagine what will happen if you don’t face a fear.

The price of inaction more often than not far greater than going for it. Fear keeps you in a comfort zone, which means you shut yourself off from opportunities to move forward. [Be brave: How to step out of your comfort zone]

4) Build yourself up to bravery.

Ask someone to give you a pep talk or find an inspiring speech related to your fear. Gently gee yourself up to going for it.

5) Visualise success.

Imagine the person you would be and how you would feel if you could face your fear. Keep that person in mind and let it inspire you. [The power of visualisation in making your dreams come true]

6) Live like you’ve hit rock bottom.

Acting like you’ve got nothing to lose often dissipates fear, as you feel the need to prioritise your actions and focus on what you’re doing rather than why.

7) Embrace failure.

If you’re scared of a certain situation because your fear getting it wrong or being embarrassed, think about how much better it would be for you to embrace such a thing happening. Improvement and a stronger sense of character come from making mistakes. [Why does failure come before success?]

8) Talk to someone.

Don’t be afraid to share your fears. The strength of the emotion could be weakened just be getting it off your chest, as you will be less isolated and trapped by your fear. Book an appointment with one of our life coaches to chat things through and gain some refreshed perspective and strategies for building your self confidence back up.

9) Don’t overcomplicate the matter at hand.

Think carefully about the situation you are in and question whether your fearful reaction is making it more of a complex issue. Fear can cause us to exaggerate problems and challenges that lie ahead of us.

10) Practice being calm, relaxed and rested.

This means looking after yourself and strategizing for stressful situations, such as proper breathing. [How to manage the root causes of stress]

11) Reward yourself when you overcome something.

Every time you take a step towards overcoming your fear, you should celebrate. Be kind to yourself when doing something that scares you.

12) Log your journey through fear.

Documenting the process of facing a fear can prove to be future inspiration, not just for yourself but for other people. The act of writing down our fears and why we have them can also be therapeutic. Join our empowering site to access your personal e-journal to do this privately and note how far you come.

13) Don’t lie to yourself.

A lot of the horror we imagine from fear we actually make up to justify our fear. See through the lies and exaggerations you create.

14) Think of all the people who overcame the fear you have now.

The chances are your fear isn’t unique to you and there are others you can trust in saying that you can get over it.

15) Channel fear into creativity.

Fear often creates a nervous energy in you, much like anger. Rather than let this energy take over you, use it to be productive. Why not share your creativity through art, words or visuals and get feedback and support in our Pink Moods Arts community.

16) Do something that others fear to prove how fear is irrational.

Think of a common phobia that doesn’t personally apply to you and try to take that same approach to your actual fear.

17) Help someone else face a fear.

When you see a fear from the other side, you are more likely to see the irrationality of it, and thus a way out of it. Apply this method of analysis to yourself.

18) Just do it.

Sometimes, gung-ho is the only way to stop yourself over-thinking, as you won’t have the time to.

Facing a fear is difficult, and for many it takes a lot of time – years in most cases – to get to the right frame of mind. Commit to turning around your fearful reaction and be patient – you will make it to the other side.


Photo Credit: Copyright: atic12 / 123RF Stock Photo

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