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21 things you need to do to avoid negative thoughts


We all have negative thoughts, but there is never just one way of dealing with them. Different methods suit different people, so find what works for you to stop negative thinking.

Read your favourite positive quote, or find one.

Finding a positive quote and reminding yourself of it when negative feelings start to seep in, can act as your own personal shield against anything that will bring you down.

Laugh at anything

Laughter is thought to decrease stress hormones, so find whatever it is that get to you most and let the negative thoughts flow out of you.

Talk it out

If you are feeling unhappy, talk to someone you’re close to and let them challenge and reassure you that those negative beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want someone objective then book in with one of our expert life coaches.

Whatever happens, in a year’s time you will feel better.

If something is concerning you now, take comfort from the fact that in a year’s time, or even next week, you will feel better. No negative belief needs to be life long and you will eventually move past it.

Be around positive people

Positive people reflect that onto those around them, they provide motivation and a ‘bright-side of life’ kind of attitude. Spending your time with those types of people might help replace your negative thoughts for positive ones.

Have tea and cake

There is nothing quite like a cup of tea and a piece of cake to provide us with a small comfort from the anxieties in our life. Give some time to yourself to relax without a single thought crossing your mind.


Exercise is a great way to stop focusing on negative thoughts and release endorphins that make us feel happy.

Distract yourself

If you feel the negative thoughts creeping in, be proactive about doing something else that doesn’t require you to think about them. Meet friends or go shopping, negative thoughts do not deserve your time so distract yourself from them with things you do enjoy!

Get Productive

Sitting and dwelling on all the things that you are unhappy with are unlikely to do anything other than grow into more problems as a result. Start planning to be happy, use our simple daily happiness planner and you will soon be feeling that bit better everyday.

Hug somebody

Hugs can increase levels of oxytocin which are responsible for making us feel connected to others and comforted. Whether it’s your mum or your partner – a good cuddle could help protect you from those negative thoughts.

Train your brain

Follow a process every time a negative thought occupies your mind. When a negative thought comes into yourself train it to divert to something else that makes you happy. Negative thought is often an unconscious thing, therefore we need to actively control our attention to something positive, which will eventually become habit. If you need a bit of help in changing negative habits of thinking around then visit our Video Moods series and click on a relevant clip as often as you need it, until habits change for the better.

Do something that makes you happy

Simply, if you feel unhappy due to negative thoughts – do something that makes you happy to create positive ones.

Help somebody else

Being weighed down by our own worries can be pretty tiresome, so try to help out someone who is going through a more difficult time than you. Not only will it make you forget your negative thoughts in an instant, but it might put into perspective how lucky you are.

Smile like you mean it

A smile on the outside will eventually turn into one on the inside, so keep doing it!


Meditation can be a great way to clear your mind of all the insignificant niggles and see everything with a crisp perspective. If you are successful it can be a great way to control your thoughts and block out the unconstructive ones.

Resolve your issues

If you are having reoccurring negative thoughts about something, then why not address it? Worrying will get you nowhere, so think of ways you can change that situation so it no longer concerns you anymore. Being proactive with one worry can help you feel a lot more motivated to deal with the rest.

Pick out the positivity

If you are thinking about a negative situation, pick out some positivity. ‘I missed my deadline, but at least now I have time to do the work to the best of my ability’. Finding those little silver linings will take the pressure off those things causing us stress.

Buy yourself a gift

If you feel down buy yourself a gift to cheer up. Nothing quite takes our mind off things by doing a little bit of online shopping.


A direct way to shut your brain off to negative thoughts is to sleep. The worries that come to us late at night when we are exhausted can seem exaggerated and unresolvable, and sometimes we just need a good sleep to put it in perspective. Trust the advice that everything will be better in the morning.

Be spontaneous

Put yourself in a new situation that requires all of your focus, or book something on a whim. Being spontaneous gives us feeling of excitement which are great at overriding those feelings of negativity.

Sit in the sunshine

Increase in vitamin D levels is thought to improve your mood. Why do you think we love beach holidays so much? Get outside and let the sun do its work.

Whether you use the whole list, or just steal a few of the points, we hope that you will start to feel a bit better. There is so much to smile about, just sometimes you may need to look a bit harder to find it.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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