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3 warning signs that you’re heading for a failure


The pressure to succeed at the workplace can be intense at times. Sometimes when we’re so involved in our job it’s hard to see the warning signs that all is not going to plan or how it should be. Here are the main three which could indicate that changes are needed.

1) When the politics become more important than the purpose

When we start a project or initiative at work, we should have motivations and aims that caused its creation. A team is assembled to work together to achieve the projected aims, but when the original motivations are forgotten or changed by members of the team, we enter dangerous territory.[Empowering patterns of behaviour in work based relationships] A hierarchy of the system can always lead to corruption – people who want to lead, people who want a quick buck, people who don’t want to take one for the team – and this results in the politics of your team blurring the vision of your aims. [The one method for managing mind games at work] Keep a close eye on your team members and identify who actually is a team player, and who has lost sight of the bigger picture. Trying to split the personal and professional problems of your team can manage this. Holding group meetings every week to discuss issues between members can help ease the tension and moves all the negative energy away from the professional space. Regular recreational time as a group can also help with bonding.

2) You don’t want to move from the status quo

The need to express individuality or have some sort of niche is important to more areas of work than you might think. [10 reasons why you should always be your unique self] In any profession that involves business, not having something to make you stand out can render you useless. At some point in your profession, risk needs to be embraced because it leads to development. Trying to stick to tried and tested formulae always results in stagnation, which is worse than progress or decline since no lessons – from advice to tactics to general knowledge- can possibly be learned. Success stories often fail first before they succeed.[Why does failure come before success]

3) Assessing your demographic wrong

It’s hard to decide the parameters of your desired success. Of course, some ideas become successful beyond your expectations, but that’s still possible from setting sensible and realistic goals. More importantly, they also stop you from falling short. You need to identify what you’re offering, who will want it, where they are, and how to do it. If your aims have too wide a reach, the quality of what you offer can suffer. Likewise if what you offer is too specific then you won’t have a wide enough reach to actually be a success. For example, if you’re a teacher wanting to offer extra tutoring on a certain module, you’ll want to design your classes to serve the struggling students, not all of them. By successfully identifying your scope, you can progress. Do some research into similar initiatives and take inspiration from them. What did they do well, and vice versa? Having a thorough background check into your field of work will help you decide how to make this project work.

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This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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