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5 Behaviours People Don’t Respect.


We all want respect in life and it’s something we earn from the way that we act. However, there are some behaviours which are likely to stop a person from earning respect and being thought highly of by others:

1. Lying

Honesty is a much better policy than someone making things up or being dishonest to cover their own back. Sometimes nothing is more frustrating than knowing you’re being lied to while that person still tries to keep up the front; it makes them look foolish and as though they can’t be trusted.

2. Arrogance

Someone with a superiority complex who is constantly blowing their own trumpet can be very wearing. There’s a difference between a person being confident and them thinking themselves and their achievements to be better than those of other people. Someone putting other people down, mocking them or being generally disrespectful to bolster their own self-esteem can highlight their own insecurity or jealousy.

3. Not Being Genuine

A person should be themselves and show their real personality rather than trying to be someone they’re not; people feel more comfortable around someone who is genuine. Furthermore, if someone is sneaky, two-faced or goes behind people’s backs, people won’t feel as though they can expect loyalty from them or have confidence in them.

4. Selfishness

Someone who is always looking out for number one and is completely self-absorbed instead of looking out for others, may become resented by people around them. As a result, they might find that when they want some help people are less willing to lend a hand.

5. Not Accepting When They’re Wrong

A person is likely to lose respect from others if they can’t take criticism and admit when they’re wrong. Only people who are insecure view being seen as right more important than finding out what actually is right. It’s important to listen to, and learn from, other people in order to develop as a person.

Essentially, treating other people with respect means that they will respect you. Respect from other people is important; it makes us feel valued and appreciated. However, once you’ve lost it, it can be very hard to get it back, so it’s best to avoid behaviours which will lose you that respect in the first place.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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