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5 reasons why you are daydreaming all the time


Some of us are more likely to space out or daydream than others. It could be that you’re more imaginative than others and it’s simply a side effect of that quality, but it could point to a problem you have with daily life. What’s causing you to zone out of life and escape to your mind. Here are 5 possibilities:

1) You’re in denial of a problem

It’s easy to unconsciously ignore an issue that bothers you, to the point where you want to ignore things happening in your life in general. [How to face up to feelings of denial]  You might find yourself drifting away thinking of nothing in particular if this is the case. If there’s something you need to confront, you need to confront it as soon as possible to get the missing closure you need. Maybe you’ll need to dig deeper into what you want if it’s a problem you’ve been ignoring for a while. There’s one important question you need to honestly to solve this: are you truly happy? It can be scary making drastic changes, but if they stop you zoning out and withdrawing from your life, they might be necessary.

2) You’re bored

Quite an obvious idea, but it could be perfectly true. [ 10 ways to overcome boredom] This is your indication that you need something to challenge you, so be proactive in finding that challenge. The time you’re wasting doing something that doesn’t satisfy you mentally could be spent finding something that does. To combat this, use your boredom to inspire you to work towards something better for you. This could be a promotion at work, a complete change to your current lifestyle or something new to experience completely.

3) You’re not looking after yourself

Zoning out is common for fatigued brains. If you’re not getting enough sleep, food and water, the brain will shut down as much as it can to preserve energy, leading to daydreams. [8 habits of the sleep deprived] Think about it: daydreaming isn’t that far removed from being fully asleep. If you can’t keep your mind engaged, you might need to take a break. Eat regular, nutritious meals, get sleep if you need it can take structured breaks after long periods of concentrating. If possible, think about booking a holiday.

4) You’re not concentrating enough

This is the reason for those who need tough love. Rather than not being challenged enough, you’re just unmotivated to face up to the challenge. [13 ways to stay focused] You have a defeatist mentality and choose to pass by on the bare minimum instead of accepting the challenge and trying to improve. This behaviour needs to stop, not only because challenges can exciting and good for you, but also because it isn’t fair on people who depend on you. Try splitting your work or project into chunks and focus on them one bit at a time if it makes them more manageable. [Download our life/work balance and goal setting worksheets out to help you] The more you allow yourself to be immersed in it, the less likely it will be that you zone out.

5) You’ve got a medical issue to address

This isn’t the most common cause, but there could be an underlying medical issue to your zoning out. There are various illnesses and conditions – from low sugar levels to anxiety disorders to menstrual problems -that can cause it for different reasons and for the most part you shouldn’t worry about them. Consult your GP for a solution, explaining the zoning out, and make sure you accompany the advice and help with a good diet and regular exercise. If you’re advised to try new medication, ask about potential side effects but ultimately trust your doctor to know what’s best.

Zoning out can be perfectly innocent but overcoming excessive daydreaming and space-outs is all down to mindset. You need to be honest with yourself about everything, from your health to your lifestyles to how you feel in general. Ask for honest advice from trusted friends and family to check if they’ve noticed your zoning out. Be proactive and your life can dramatically improve from solving your zoning out. Ultimately, it can be a great thing for you in the long term to deal with.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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