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5 reasons you determine your own quality of life


It’s about time we stopped sitting by and saying everyone else is ‘so lucky’ because they have things we don’t.

Luck makes up 0.01% of the things we have in our lives but our hard work is responsible for the rest. If you want a better of quality of life you need to go out and get it, because if we resign ourselves to just making do with what we have we will spend a lifetime thinking about what we wish for.

Here are 5 reasons you determine your own quality of life.

You make decisions

We will all make decisions, right and wrong throughout our lives. But they are our own decisions, and most of the time we think we are doing them to improve our quality of life.

Just acknowledge that you can exercise your control at anytime in order to make yourself happier, whether it’s buying yourself some flowers or booking a holiday. Just remembering you always have a choice to improve your life means that even in the toughest of situations there can always be a silver lining.

You have your own definition

Think what having a good quality of life means to you, not your partner, friends or family. If all you truly need to be happy is having those loved ones around you then trying to conform into another’s quality of life means you will probably end up reducing your own. Having a good quality of life is about doing what’s right for you.

Get rid of the negative

Don’t let those things that are ruining your quality of life idly linger around you. A negative person or job doesn’t have to be permanent in your life. Try setting some career goals instead, as otherwise when you believe you work so you’ll have money and be happy, yet you find you’re extremely unhappy anyway, what is the point? A friend whom you’ve known for 10 years but just isn’t the person you used to know, doesn’t have to be there on principle. If something is ruining the quality of your life, for that reason alone you have enough reason to change it.

Choose happiness

In decisions about money, or being logical or realistic – choose happiness. What outcome will truly make you happy, rather than what outcome is the most practical or sensible? What purpose does living serve if not to be happy?

If you want to move abroad and find a job in Spain, then why not? Rather than choosing safety in staying with the job you hate. Those are the kind of choices we look back to regret.

It’s your life

Nobody else will improve your life except yourself. You might be ‘lucky’ every now and then when something falls into your path and affects your life for the better, but to consistently ensure it is the best it can be means constantly striving to achieve the things that will make you happiest. It also means having appreciation for what you have so far; it might be different to others but love it all the same.

Start making an effort and you will find your quality of life improving in leaps and bounds.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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