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5 signs he just doesn’t care.


Many of us will be familiar with the quote ‘he’s just not that into you’, which depicts the harsh truth about how men really feel. We can forever explain away their faults to protect ourselves from being hurt but it gets to a point where we can’t continue to ignore them. Here are 5 signs he just doesn’t care:

He isn’t on your side

If you are upset or hurt and he has no interest in comforting you then it’s probably a sign he doesn’t care. A basic rule of loving someone is to care about how they are feeling, but if he offers no sympathy or support when you most need it then remove yourself from the situation straight away. If things are difficult in your life, the addition of a distant partner will only aggravate whatever problem you are dealing with. Unless he has a genuine reason that his focus is elsewhere, then don’t waste your time waiting for it to happen.
He stops sharing

We can’t help but feel a little gleeful when the man we love begins opening up and feeding us small personal details about his life. Because men are less enthusiastic about sharing their feelings, when they do it’s a sign of trust and investment into the relationship. If he begins to become more and more limited in opening up it could be because he does not have those feelings anymore, and this is something he might not even be aware of himself.

You aren’t the priority

Inevitably the person you are in a relationship with is the one you want to spend the most time with. Balance is an important part of a healthy relationship, but too much time apart will inevitably lead to distance. If your partner increasingly fills his free time with activities with others in the time usually spent with you, it shows that unfortunately that isn’t something he enjoys anymore. This can be very upsetting, as the increasingly rare times you do see him are full of tension and resentment. Take yourself out of the situation and don’t even give him the choice.

He is unreliable

There is nothing more torturous than waiting around for a text message. If your partner is frequently ignoring you both together and apart it could be a sign he’s just not that into you anymore. This behaviour often can give us constant unease, and we should never be made to feel this way. You could confront him in hopes that his efforts will pick up, but if you are scared of the response maybe it’s a sign that this relationship is not meant to be.

He isn’t affectionate

If there is one thing we can count on in men is that they are sexually attracted to us. The initial honeymoon feeling of wanting to be as close as possible does slightly calm, but it should never cool off completely. This is perhaps the most recognizable of all the signs, so if there is a lack of it then something is most definitely up.

If somebody is allowing themselves to treat you this way it shows a certain disrespect. Even if your partner does think his feelings are changing, the decent way to deal with it would be to talk to you about it.

Therefore when making the decision about whether to continue the relationships, think what their negative behaviour demonstrates, not only how they feel about you, but the kind of person they are. If it seems as though he’s just not that into you, is it really worth your effort?


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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