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5 signs that you are young at heart.


When people say youth is wasted on the young, one question arises: who decided youth was a quality that only the young possess? To be young at heart isn’t necessarily to be irresponsible, inexperienced and a long way from being infirm, but is an attitude with which to approach life as it happens.

Here are 5 signs that you might be young at heart.

1) You are naturally immune to stress

Some people – much to the envy of others – just don’t get stressed. It’s not that they don’t take problems or challenges in their life seriously, but they know when to shut off from worries and can handle having a lot on their plate without jumping to worst case scenarios and feeling overloaded. These kind of people take life a day at a time. What you often find is they need distracting less because they spend a long time being comfortable with just themselves doing nothing. They always eventually find a way to relax [A checklist for chilling out] and enjoy the moment in even the most dull of situations. If you’re one of these people, consider yourself lucky!

2) You enjoy being creative

You’re not necessarily in a field where artistic skill is necessary, but you can be playful and experimental with work. You’re not afraid to think outside of the box and tend to follow the rule less closely than others in a professional setting. It is often the most young at heart people that become leaders, as they find themselves restricted by policies when working under others or for an organisation. You still believe in discovering and inventing even long after you’ve settled into a comfortable career path.

3) You’re not easily embarrassed

Children have the knack of doing hilarious and foolish things but not even realising it. For them it’s a lack of self-awareness, but it’s also a case of not caring what others think of them in the first place. If you’re like this, it’s because you’re okay with letting go of bad decisions and mistakes. You don’t live your life to be perfect and get things right all the time. On your part, there’s a lack of social anxiety, or feeling the pressure of leaving good impressions on others.

4) You accept change readily

A lot of changes happen in a child’s life. In fact, they go through incredibly vast physical and mental changes in short spaces of time, to the point where they don’t tend to think about changing at all. If you’re young at heart, this mentality has probably stayed with you. You tend to throw yourself into life and don’t often take the time to reflect on what has changed as a result. You’re reconciled with the fact that people and opportunities can come and go in your life.

5) You value love and affection a lot

You feel happiest in an environment surrounded by people you love and where you feel loved. The attachment to affection hasn’t weakened and takes precedence over material gain or professional success as your priority in life. As much as you like to receive affection, you also give it. You can be a very generous, considerate person.

Being young at heart can be a wonderful thing. There are many useful qualities to it and also many health benefits for your body and mind (due to the lack of stress).

At times, the youthful approach can be less helpful. It’s not the best mentality for when you need to create stability in your life or when required to step up for somebody else at a desperate time. However it’s not an attitude to dismiss. The world needs the curious, child-like minds in order to keep on progressing and complement the more serious amongst us.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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