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How are you feeling?

5 ways to feel great about your day


We can all go through periods where getting up is a struggle. We might be overloaded with stress from work or at home and it causes us to lose sight of what we enjoy.[What to do when you feel overloaded]. There are many ways to get your positivity back when things get too much, so here are 5 ways you can feel great about your day.

Give yourself a treat

What better way to top off our busy days than with a treat at the end? Sometimes when we wake up and think about the endless lists of tasks we have to complete, it can make us just want to drift back off to sleep again. Give yourself something different everyday, new clothes, chocolates or any little gift to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel on those stressful days.

Appreciate what you have

We spend an awful lot of time worrying about what we don’t have, regardless of the fact that so many would wish to be in our positions. Any average day can turn out to be great if we just spend a few moments contemplating how lucky we already are. You might have a great job, or a great family – maybe even both. Even having a comfortable, safe house to go back to is a lot more than others.

Look after your mind, body and soul

There is nothing more stressful than feeling run down when you have so much going on in your life. Equally, having so much going on in your life can sometimes cause you to become run down. This might be skipping meals or not getting enough sleep, but either is enough to let those little things get on top of you. Make time to get enough sleep, and eat properly as those should be your main priorities, everything else can come afterwards.


Anybody would agree that there is nothing more fulfilling than exercising to really stimulate productivity. Having it at the start of your day can make you feel healthy, motivated and refreshed before you have even done anything. Exercise is the time where you can work on yourself and it’s important that you use this private time to allow your mind to relax.

Be positive

If you are able to have a positive mindset it can put a silver lining on everything in your day, but is often easier said than done.[The benefits of letting go of negative thinking] It is extremely important that we try to divert those negative thoughts we have that plague the quiet spaces in our day and replace them with happy, motivational thoughts that empower us to keep on top of everything we have going on –not make it more difficult. Challenge those worries and instead of dredging up negative feelings, bring out the positive ones to fight them down. That is truly the best way to feel great about your day. If feeling positive is not yet a complete natural habit for you, then visit our Video Moods series for some bite sized empowering advice wherever and whenever you need it! Or download our happiness planner to make the small daily changes that can make a big difference to your life.


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