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5 ways to feel in charge and regain your power as a boss


It can be hard managing so many teams of people. Creating a purposely designed culture and ethos for your workplace is difficult and getting your employees to believe it even more so. What you don’t want are employees working to live, rather than living to work. If they are just trying to make it through the day, rather than enjoying the challenge of earning and giving, then something’s gone wrong. You could end up feeling disconnected from the work force, as though you’re a mythical figure who doesn’t exist. Get some control back with these five ways to feel more in charge and be a better boss.

Don’t try and be everyone’s friend

If you try too hard to make people like you, they won’t like you. As in any walk of life, people prefer you and feel more comfortable if you’re being yourself. On the other hand, having too personal a relationship with some employees can make it difficult to maintain a professional relationship, especially if there are problems in one sphere and not the other.

Unless you can both agree and understand on keeping both relationships separate, it’s a challenge. It’s good to make it clear that work comes first at the workplace. A friendly work environment which people want to work in is vital to being a good boss, but you don’t have to be too close to create this environment.

Encourage your employees to set their own path

Whilst some employees need to be constantly checked on in order to reach goals, the vast majority don’t appreciate being micromanaged. The key to a good employer-employee relationship is trust, and building that is about encouraging independence in the correct areas. Take time to consult your employees on what they hope to achieve in the future and where they see their career going.

Identify their strengths with them and be positive about them. They’ll want to work hard on them and therefore want to impress with their performance to prove their strengths. If employees feel they have a path of their own to follow, they’ll get hard to work without resenting you.

Set up reward schemes that aren’t condescending

Gold star charts and employee of the month is a little outdated and bit too primary school for most work places. Set up schemes that are worth the effort and aren’t biased to others. Think about what’s affordable and doesn’t affect turnover, but would be appreciated by staff, such as spa days, free parking, or an extra day of paid holiday. The motivation to work for rewards has proven successful for productivity rates in many businesses.

Have regular feedback meetings and act on them

Staff want to be listened to and negotiated with. Cut out administration and middle men and actually be present at meetings to note any complaints or suggestions for the workplace. Have these meetings at regular intervals to show dedication to listening to your staff’s voice. Try to achieve one significant request before the next meeting. Remember, that you’re not in charge by authority but by permission. You weren’t born to be in charge of people and have to earn their respect.

Be cut-throat on rare occasions but with reason

No one likes a boss that goes mad with power. Intimidating employees creates an unwelcoming and ultimately unsuccessful work environment. You will gain a bad reputation which can put off prospective employees. When you show authority – such as dismissals or issuing warnings – make sure it’s not a regular occurrence. The power of such decisions loses effect and people become immune to their motivation.

Instead of noting you being in charge, they resent you. Be selective with what you veto. If you struggle to assert yourself in the right way then visit our Video Moods section to help guide you with some assertive techniques.

Regaining power is about respect. If you want people to respect your line of work, you have to respect the efforts they put into being in your team and that involves making them want to be there. Be an aspirational figure who sees potential in making the workplace bigger and better than it was before and believe in your employees to help you get there. Positive reciprocity is key to feeling in charge.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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