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5 Ways to Discover your Hidden Talent


1) Ask your friends and family

Try to probe the people who know you best, because they might be able to identify key parts of you that you can’t. Whilst not identifying your talents outright, they might be able to identify personality attributes and types of intelligence you possess, which are all indicators for what you might have a talent for.

2) Trial and error

Experimentation doesn’t hurt. Try things that catch your eye or that you enjoy. Focus on your enjoyment and don’t put pressure on yourself to find something that you’re good at. Often, it comes to be that one of the things you enjoy doing is actually something you have a natural aptitude for and that is your reason for enjoying it. For example, you might enjoy amateur sports because it is keeping you active and widens your social circle, but you also enjoy craftwork because people often compliment your work and want to buy it. You’ll continue to do both, but craftwork is your talent.

3) The motormouth factor

This is more a psychological theory but holds some weight. If there is a topic or current affair that you always bring up in conversation and enthusiastically discuss on many platforms, it may be a sign of a repressed talent. Sometimes, rejection of a talent is internalised and its existence is denied due to lifestyle factors, for instance, it doesn’t lead to a stable job, you don’t have time to pursue it, you’re embarrassed to showcase it, etc. That repression might find expression in other ways. Constantly chatting about the Top 40 singles? Maybe you should try going behind the microphone yourself.

4) Revisit your childhood

Talents and skills emerge most naturally at your most playful time of life – childhood. Going back through memories and keepsakes, maybe some videos and photos, of you as a child will show you what you excelled at. Maybe you won an award, got a particularly good test score or were part of a club as a child that you only vaguely remember because it was such a short period of time in your life. Children can get bored easily of certain activities and want to move on, but you can use your adulthood and increased dedication levels to take up the things you once gave up.

5) Tackling fears

Doing things that scare you, or at least just make you nervous, might indicate that there is potential in these experiences waiting to be tapped. What exactly about these things – from the physically challenging to the emotionally intimidating- makes you fearful? It all links back to failure. You might hurt yourself or you might destroy something – either way something going wrong is what holds you back. With this in mind, trying stuff that gives you butterflies is a way of learning new things about your limits and finding strengths and weaknesses you didn’t know you had. [Why you have the power to overcome any obstacle] If you struggle with overcoming your fears or discovering your talent and purpose then visit our inspiring expert Video Moods for bite sized guidance from the experts. Or for expert advice from award winning HR professionals and expert advice from coaches then download our free eBook on the secret to discovering your potential and purpose.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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