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5 ways to lead a peaceful life


We all want a quiet life, but not many of us can get it. Down to our own abilities to multi-task we find ourselves juggling hundreds of appointments a day and that dream of a peaceful life seems so far off. But if you are tired of just being that, tired – then look at these 5 ways to lead a peaceful life.

Have some quiet time

We need to make time to take stock and reflect each day. As we are constantly rushing around, stress and other emotions build up, unless we take the time to release these feelings they might come upon us at the most inappropriate moment causing us to snap or feel upset.[Tackling our moods] Go and make a cup of tea, sit in the sunshine and just allow yourself to rejuvenate before you begin another ever busy day.

Never underestimate how long things will take

For some reason we hear ‘it took a lot longer than I thought’ an awful lot more than we hear ‘wow I finished that quickly’. As much as we would like to be superwomen and to fit everything in at once it’s simply not possible. Trying to do this puts us under an immense amount of pressure and means that we can never give 100% of ourselves to what we commit to. Sometimes it would be nice to not rush into every meeting and parents evening feeling like you finished a 100m sprint. Be realistic about what you are capable of achieving within the constraints that you have. Organise your time in advance with our time management planner and  set up your to do list making sure that you book in some extra time just for you to relax.[A checklist for chilling out and enjoying life] But most of all be proud of what you achieved rather than berating yourself for the all of the things you didn’t!

Rid yourself of bad habits

To truly live a  peaceful life, it means being content and satisfied with the life that we live. So having bad habits we are ashamed of, or wish to stop, introduces a level of negativity and guilt into our lives. To truly be peaceful you must feel confident and sure of yourself, but if you continue your bad habit you will be unable to do that. It may seem the most challenging thing to make changes at first, but knowing it’s what you want and that the outcome will be worthwhile will give you strength along the way. To challenge and alter your negative habits of thinking visit our Video Moods series for short empowering clips that answer many of your worries and help you to reframe your thinking.

Love yourself

This leads on to loving yourself, being constantly regretful of how you acted in situations, what you wish you had done differently and who you wish you were like are all negative thoughts that leave us looking into the past, and at others lives instead of focusing on our own. [Why you should live your life without comparisons] Accept yourself for the fabulous person that you are and you will find that you no longer become bothered by how you should have lived your life.  To rediscover all of the reasons that you should love yourself, visit our Self Discovery section for some fun and reflective eBooks to help you get more out of your life.

Trust your decisions

Questioning whether you have done the right thing in terms of getting married, having kids, how you raised your kids, whether you picked the right career…are all decisions you need to trust that you support in order to live a peaceful life. Naturally we will digress into our past from time to time, but if you feel you have made poor decisions then think what you have learnt from that experience that you can use now. Accepting all of your decisions right or wrong will be the only way you can be peaceful in your choices. If you  want to lead a more authentic life whereby you know that you are making choices based on who you truly are then visit our eBook on ‘The secrets to finding your inner purpose’ in the Self Discovery section here.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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