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Challenge your Mindset

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6 mindful ways to love yourself more


Self-love is not about narcissism, in the same way that love isn’t vanity. It’s about respect, dedication and care. To respect yourself, dedicate yourself to being your best self and care about yourself it’s the best thing you can do. It affects all of your life choices for the better. Based on the practise of mindfulness [Mindfulness: The benefits of living a mindful life], here are 6 ways to love yourself more.

1) Focus on what you need and not what you want.

The ability to resist the things that give us temporary gratification – whatever your vice may be – shows that you are gratified enough with yourself. Instead, focus on achieving or obtaining what you need, and you’ll feel better for much longer. Focussing on what you need leads to closure, acceptance and satisfaction. Be aware of what your body and mind needs to recover and function.

2) Take care of your appearance.

By looking after yourself, you are respecting yourself, never mind the concern of looking good to others. Don’t neglect your body because you would also be neglecting your mind. If you have a bad diet, unhealthy skin, hair and teeth, and constantly feel tired, you are more prone to negativity. Be kind to yourself.

3) List all your successes and positive attributes.

Get a pen and paper and think hard about everything, however small, that you’ve done well. Remind yourself of what you’re capable of and how you could improve from these successes. Everyone has potential, but the fear of failure transforms into a self-damning dialogue. You convince yourself it’s a reality rather than just a possibility. The great thing about failure is that it’s real and helps you learn more about yourself. Embrace it.

4) Remove the toxic people from your life.

You owe yourself happiness, and you have to believe that. Who in the world can you think of who doesn’t deserve happiness? The chances are that your list is very short. You would never tell someone to be unhappy, so don’t let other people do it to you, no matter how covert or subliminal their sabotage is. Pessimism means nothing ever happens. Remove the toxic people and things can start happening.

5) Take a break from the world.

Spend a good portion of time in total stillness, with no distractions and no noise whatsoever. You are left with just your thoughts. Give yourself time to organise them, prioritise them and destroy them if necessary. Relax your body totally and let your mind clear itself of the bad things taking up its time.

6) Try something new.

The faith in yourself required to try a new experience tests the size of your self-love. Use it as a chance to take the pressure off yourself to do everything right – the point is that you can’t. The freedom of being an absolute beginner will help you to let go and could lead to you developing new skills.
The most enduring and greatest love story of your life will be the one with yourself. Your relationship with yourself will test your will and compassion in a way nobody else can, and it’s a love worth fighting for. It’s the love that keeps you alive.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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