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6 ways to create goals that can really change your life


For the majority of us, life is a journey of continual improvement, yet most planned goals are never reached. The inability to make changes can leave us feeling demotivated at best and helpless at worst. Here’s 6 ways to making your life change for good and for making your goals work for you instead of against you for once.

1) Be clear & specific

Set a very clear deadline and set of rules for what you want to achieve. For example if you state that you ‘want to get fit’ then this is very vague, so instead commit to ‘I want to exercise every Monday and Wednesday for an hour from 6-7pm’. This gives a very clear direction for your goals.  To find out how to set goals that are more likely to be successful, visit our planners and checklist section and download our goal planner and worksheet here.

2) Don’t eat the elephant whole

So you want to be body beautiful, climb Mount Everest and be a CEO? We applaud your desire and passion, however taking just one small step towards each of these goals daily is the only way to get there. ‘Rome was not built in a day!’ Use our ‘to do list’ that congratulates you every time you complete a task to help boost you on your way.

3) Start exactly where you are

If you get out of breath running up the stairs then committing to a marathon is a little demotivating. Instead focus on jogging for 3 miles and build it up to a run over a set time period, you are 97% more likely to meet a goal that is based on being truly honest and realistic about your starting point. Join our goal setting network for some encouragement and support.

4) DON’T avoid temptation

This may sound crazy, but total avoidance creates far more desire and provokes the child that is within us all to want to rebel. So for example, if you want to stop eating chocolate the best plan is to have a little (single bar) just at weekends and make sure you savour each bite!

5) Challenge your inner critic

Do you constantly have an inner voice that tells you that you can’t do it? Get ready to challenge it and prepare some reasons as to why you CAN. Avoid all negative words such as ‘can’t’ from your vocabulary. [How to challenge your inner voice that tells you no]

6) Visualise the end result and experience it

If you have a goal you have to make it clear as to what the end result will look like. How will you feel when you make it happen, what will you be wearing, what will you be doing and what will others say around you? Bring the entire experience to life and you are far more likely to make it happen! Visit our time machine to make your goals tangible and to make sure that you have a reminder that will be checking in on your progress.

If you want support in your goals then join today and we will help to motivate and inspire you along every step.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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