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7 Top tips for succeeding in an interview from the experts


Having an interview can be a daunting experience, you’re likely to feel under pressure, as though you’re in the spotlight and worry about how you’ll come across. Here are 7 tips to help you keep calm, stand out as a great candidate and succeed in interviews:

Look Presentable

Make sure you are smartly dressed and select a suitable outfit. It’s important to have a neat hairstyle and to wear appropriate make up that isn’t too heavy and perfume that is too overpowering. This shows you are professional and take care with how you present yourself.

Don’t be too Nervous

If you’re really nervous it shows. You can either seem unsure of yourself, as if you lack confidence or you can even risk coming across as standoffish. [Overcoming your nerves in an interview] 

It might be worth giving yourself time before your interview to calm down and compose yourself. Arrive early and have a cup of tea in a nearby cafe rather than rushing straight in off the street after a stressful journey.

Body Language

Ever-important eye contact gives you a connection and rapport with your interviewer. Even if you’re saying all the right things, having negative body language, such as folded arms or twitching your leg, can make you seem unconvincing and on edge. For more guidance on body language visit our journey to your dream job ebooks.

Be Yourself

Your interviewer can soon tell if you’re trying to present yourself as someone you’re not. Also try to avoid spouting clichés, make sure what you’re saying comes across as genuine. Let your personality show through, employers can ‘hire on attitude’ over a person’s skills if they feel they would be right for the company and respond well to training. [10 reasons why you should always be your unique self] 

Don’t Fib on Your Application

Don’t lie on your application. If you do, you might set yourself up for a fall before you even get to interview and you’re going to get an uncomfortable grilling during which you might not have the answers.

Saying that you have skills or experience in something that you don’t means that if you are taken on, you might find the job difficult and be unable to perform at the right standard; whereas you might excel in a different job which plays to your strengths. [7 ways to discover your strengths]

Be Gracious

Be polite to the other candidates and whoever else you meet. You don’t always know who people are when you turn up for an interview, they might be someone you’re going to be working with or for. First impressions last and you don’t want to come across as rude or unnecessarily competitive and hostile. [11 ways to be memorable]

Research the Role

You don’t want your interviewer to think that this job is just one of many that you’ve applied for. You need to show the employer that you particularly want the role you are being interviewed for.

This can be done through thoroughly researching the role and demonstrating that you have devoted time and effort into investigating the company. Rather than just regurgitating facts about the company, you should be able to explain in depth why you’d like to work for the company, why the role appeals to you and how you would be a good choice for the position.

Being nervous in an interview is completely normal, but don’t let anxiety consume you and hamper your chances of succeeding. Even though you’re the person being interviewed for a job it is as important for you to decide whether that job is right for you. Be clear in your own head why you want the job that if you did get it, you would enjoy it and be happy. If this isn’t the case don’t waste your time, go back to the drawing board and look elsewhere. Access a complete guide to finding a new job here.


Photo Credit: Copyright: andresr / 123RF Stock Photo

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