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7 Ways Friendships Can Help to Build Your Confidence


As you go through life you may find that your experience of a friendship or what you seek from it alters. However, friendships in whatever stage of your life can offer a caring and positive influence that can help to build your confidence.

1) Compliments

Receiving a heartfelt compliment is one of the most instant and simple things that can give you a confidence boost. A friend telling you they like your outfit or that they’re impressed with how you’ve progressed at work is really good to hear and lets you know someone really pays attention to you. [Gratitude list: Why you should write one]

2) Having Things in Common

Having things in common or shared interests with someone you get on with validates what you like and means you can spend time together enjoying these things. This can help you find your identity and a sense of belonging with other likeminded people and to become confident about who you are. [Why you become the people you spend the most time with]

3) Motivation

Friends can motivate each other to achieve positive things. They can cheer you on or persuade you to join the gym or to go for a run when maybe alone you wouldn’t push yourself to do that.
There are times in your life when you have to face new challenges and going through the same thing with friends can make you feel more confident. For example new mums who have met at antenatal classes can support each other, meeting and sharing their experiences with their babies and realising that they aren’t alone and they aren’t ‘doing it wrong’.

4) Having a Partner in Crime

You and your friends can do things together that you perhaps wouldn’t do on your own. Whether you want to give yoga or Pilates a try, but feel nervous to go on your own; or you want to see the new release at the cinema but don’t want to sit alone while other people are in couples or groups, your friends are on call.

5) ‘You can’t choose your family…’

Forging friendships means that you can select people who you meet in life that you really want to spend time with and whose company you enjoy. Friendships offer camaraderie and an extra support network to that of your family which can build your confidence as you know that you have people behind you if times get tough. Research has shown that this support from friendships can sometimes be more important than that from family to adults’ wellbeing.

6) Providing a Personal Matchmaking Service

Friends can play matchmaker when you’re looking for love and help you to find someone who deserves you. They can often offer advice in this area of your life as they’re likely to know what you’re looking for after hours of relationship conversations over glasses of rosé.
For those sad times when relationships and marriages crumble, they’re there to pick up the pieces. If you want more step by step guidance on how to find a relationship that can last the distance then download one of our ‘Journey to the love of your life’ eBooks.

7) Loyalty

Having a friend that you know has a real sense of loyalty towards you and cares for you can build your trust towards them, meaning you feel as though you can truly rely on them. In turn, this can help you to feel secure and builds your self-esteem and confidence. Recognise and value those friends who do offer you loyalty. We enjoy being friends with people who are fun and lively but we also need to remember the importance of people who are always there for us through thick and thin instead of others who may just be ‘fair-weather friends’.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.