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7 ways to discover your strengths


With such a wide variety of jobs available and the urge to have a career, which is perfectly suited to us, finding our own unique niche strength can become a challenge. For the majority of us as modest beings, we tend to shy away from claiming what we can do and for this reason many of our strengths go unnoticed. Discovering our strengths could be the difference between our successes and failures, so here are 7 ways to discover them.

Ask others

The honest way to discover our strengths is to go to a third party. Sometimes we can misjudge our strengths by sometimes being too harsh (or kind) on ourselves. For example it could be that although you always were able to reach your sales targets, it was only because you got ‘lucky’ as opposed to your strength as a saleswoman. Going to someone who knows you and your behaviour patterns very well means that they can quickly spot an area in which you are consistently a high achiever. If you want more expert advice then book in for a one to one coaching session by phone or Skype with one of our brilliant life coaches here.

Take a few tests

You can find plenty of tests created that you can take online that claim to help discover your strengths. Some will be more valid than others, but it can help to get a general idea of an area in which you are well suited for, without having to decide for yourself. This can be the case with career advisors who have access to a wider scope of job roles that you may not yet know exist but play into your strengths perfectly.


On the spot it is very difficult for us to think of our strengths. Take a few weeks to take notice of things at work which you might excel in, or passions of yours that you find rewarding. It might just take a bit of observation of your habits to realize that there is strength you had which you may always have overlooked. It could be that you find yourself plagued with phone call’s from friends wanting help to decorate because they love your taste. Your strengths might exist outside of your job so it’s important to pay attention to all aspects of your life. To discover your purpose download our expert eBook here on ‘The secret to discovering your potential’ for guidance to becoming all that you dream of being.

Experience new things

If you are having difficulty discovering your strengths from what you know then try something you don’t. It could be that you have a talent but haven’t yet been in a situation to demonstrate that. [5 ways to discover your hidden talent] This could be by taking on a different project at work or even starting a skill-based class in your own time.

Test yourself

If you know you can do things, but aren’t sure whether you can consider them your strengths then put them to the test. Challenge yourself by going into a situation where your success relies on you using what you already know. This can easily be done in work by taking on a more difficult project. Or try something out on your own initiative outside of work itself. You’ll never know if it’s your strength until you put yourself into a situation where it is demonstrated.

Break down the roles

Unfortunately discovering our strengths does not just mean picking a job role in which we think we would be suited for, it’s about creating the role that would be perfect. Your current role could have aspects, which you love and excel in, yet other areas that you find draining. Speak to your boss about how you could profit the company so much more if you were able to focus your time on the area that represents your strengths. Roles can be flexible and it is the job of your boss to get the most out of their employees so it is always worth giving it a go. If your current role is unable to provide you with the flexibility you need, then write down your passions and find a job that allows you to explore them. For advice and step by step guidance to finding a new job download our eGuide here.

What do you love?

Strength has to come from something we love to do, as this is what drives us to do it. So what is it that you can completely immerse yourself in that brings you real fulfillment? The more you love to do something, the more time you will spend doing it and as a result it will naturally become a strength. If there is no better place to start, then think of what you love and go from there.

Everyone has a unique set of strengths; if you feel like you don’t have yours then it is just because you are yet to discover them. Put the time and effort into finding them and you will never look back!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.