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7 ways to start having positive conversations


Life can be tricky, much of relationship breakdowns are due to what we say and don’t mean and also not being able to communicate well in the first place. To avoid getting into tricky conversations, here are some great icebreakers for a brand new start.

1) Show your interest

Ask a question about each point that the other person makes. Show you are actively engaged and interested in what they have to say, by feeding back part of what they said to you in the answer, to show you listened fully. [How to check if you are a good listener]

2) Help them to talk

Not everyone finds it easy to talk. When trying to create positive conversations you need the recipient to elaborate. To encourage others to speak start with open ended questions such as ‘tell me about…’ and relate it to topics the person may be interested in. For example, “Tell me about your work or favourite hobby”, rather than closed questions like “Do you like cake?”.

3) Keep calm

If you are too excited about what you want to say then you will miss what the other person is trying to tell you. Focus on giving twice as much time to listen as to speak.

4) Be valuable

Adding value to others’ lives is the best way to create impactful positive conversations. Discover what their true passions and dreams are and talk about that.

5) It’s not about you

Having meaningful relationships comes from how you treat others. People are impressed by how you make them feel not what you have achieved. Try and be memorable by showing that the other person is wanted by focusing on what interests them and show you care about their journey.

6) Positive topic openers

To start a positive conversation try sharing a sincere compliment; talk about hobbies, ask for advice or share uplifting human stories from your home town for example. Starting upbeat will lead to a better connection. [21 ways to have positive self talk]

7) Have significant conversations

As you progress, try discussing things that have made a positive change in your life and invite the other person to do the same. For example discuss the dreams you had as a child, the positive people who have influenced you on your journey and what they meant to you and discuss what you think drives you and shaped you as a person.

Having great conversations can make a huge difference to our relationships and personal wellbeing. The power of a meaningful connection is hard to beat.

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This article was contributed by Pink Moods.