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8 signs that you have trust in a relationship.


The days of carefree whirlwind romances have become far rarer than before. Nowadays we are constantly on our guard, waiting to be hurt by someone, then having to start the process all over again.

Instead of a lack of trust in everyone, we need signs to help us detect the rotten apples from the prince.Here are 8 signs that you can trust your partner:

  1. He thinks about you when you are apart

You know you can trust your partner when he is still attentive even when you are apart. Little texts or phone calls to let us know they are thinking of us are important in making us feel secure even when we are separated. If your partner all but neglects you when the time comes for him to leave you it could be a sign his mind is elsewhere, or it could be a sign he is useless with his phone!

  1. He devotes time to you

Somebody who is able to see you as much as you need them to is one who can be trusted. Having to work around a mysterious schedule or long hours can cause us to have natural doubts about where our partner might be. Being in love means wanting to spend time with the other person and so the time he gives to you should be endless!

  1. He has nothing to hide

A classic sign of a trustworthy character is one who has nothing to hide. Respecting privacy is important and everyone should have their space, however if you did choose to ask something, you know they would be completely open with you. Edginess and secrecy don’t exactly make us feel safe, so unless he is buying you a present (hopefully from the Pink Moods shop) then there shouldn’t be any sign of that behaviour!

  1. You feel loved

If your partner makes you feel loved then you know that you can trust to love them too. Many people have relationships in which they don’t feel loved at all, yet they carry on because it is what they have become used to. It takes a certain kind of devotion from another to feel loved and if they are putting in that effort then you can trust that you will be safe with them.

  1. He involves you in his life

The more a person reveals about their life the more you are able to trust them. Being introduced to family, friends and speaking about their personal life are all signs that you should be able to trust them. The deeper you are involved in their life the more vulnerable they make themselves to you. If you have barely seen sight or sound of a family member of have even scratched deeper than the superficial layer then it might be time to question why.

  1. His actions speak louder than his words

Words have their power for so long, but eventually if they are not being followed up by actions we no longer trust them. Their actions must precede their words in order for you to be able to trust them, as broken promises and disappointments will eventually lose their worth. Loving words are much easier spoken than demonstrating loving actions; if this person is serious about the relationship he is in then he should demonstrate both.

  1. He trusts you

An untrustworthy person is one who also finds it difficult to trust others in return. If they show doubts in their trust in you then perhaps it is because they believe everyone behaves like them and are not to be trusted too. Somebody who trusts you is also one who cares for you and if he takes the time to do that, then his commitment to you can be trusted.

  1. You feel safe

The most important feature of trust is feeling safe and this means both physically and emotionally. It can be extremely difficult to open ourselves up to other people and become vulnerable in a way we never have before. In order to do this we must have complete faith that the other person will not hurt us or take advantage and so having that trust is crucial to feeling safe. If you don’t feel safe, you need to reflect on what part of your partner’s character you are finding it difficult to trust. We all have flickers of insecurities and ‘what ifs’ but the majority of the time we need to feel comforted and supported by our  partners.

Lack of trust in a relationship can cause self doubt and insecurity [How to Stop Being Insecure]. If you are already feeling as though you might not trust somebody then it might be safer to get out whilst you can. Everybody deserves a loving trustworthy partner and you shouldn’t settle for anything less!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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