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Challenge your Mindset

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A plan to learn to like yourself again


Liking yourself is a huge part of recognising your worth in this world. [Looking for love? Start with yourself] It’s hard to pursue a normal life when you doubt why you’re doing it in the first place. As we get older and more experienced, some of us can unfortunately shrink ourselves down upon viewing how vast our world is. Instead of seeing the diversity of it as a chance to flourish, we start to lose our self-esteem and believe we have nothing to contribute in the face of such progress, achievement and beauty. This is all in your head – your choice of how to see the world – and you can choose the other way if you want. Here are three sections for overhauling your self-perception, so you can learn to like yourself again.

Your appearance

It isn’t shallow to be concerned about image – it’s often a reflection of our state of mind. You’re more likely to neglect appearance if you don’t like yourself, and an unkempt, unhealthy appearance is often a sign of being unproductive. Take your appearance as a whole instead of focusing on areas of it. Find the parts you like most and accentuate them. For the parts you don’t? Embrace them for what they are and recognise that they make you you. For all the diversity of the world, and all that has been considered ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’ over the decades, there’s no specific formula for the perfect person[Why you should live your life without comparisons]. Dress however you want look however you want – the most memorable feature is always your happiness.

Characteristics & Skills

Personality types and skill sets range far and wide, and being happy with what you got in the life lottery rather than wanting other people’s is the best way to live without limits. When learning to like yourself again, you have to make the most of what you were blessed with. Whether it’s your sense of humour, lack of fear, impressive intelligence or kind heart, you should be proud of what you’ve got, because someone else is guaranteed to want it. If you ever find yourself in a situation with someone who makes you want to shrink down your personality, consider that they are in the wrong to be making you doubt yourself, not you for being yourself. [10 reasons why you should always be your unique self]

What you do for others

The philanthropist in you is always there, ready to help others. Whether you help out a family member, give to someone less fortunate, or offer a service that other people are grateful for, what you do for others is uncompromisable, solid evidence for why you should like yourself. Seek the people out who value you and what you have done for their lives and you will see great purpose within you. A great way to boost your mood and self-worth is to lend a hand, because the act of being in society and interacting with others is innately fulfilling for everyone.

By learning to like yourself again, there’s so much more you can see to do in life. Liking yourself isn’t going to happen overnight – it might not happen in a year – but committing to giving yourself permission to live how you want to and being proud of who you are and your right to walk on this Earth will guarantee you get there. For empowering tools and a community of support join our club today.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.