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10 top tips to stop feeling annoyed at work


When such a huge part of our lives is usually confined to a crammed office area with a group of different people that are under pressure, it can be easy to see why we might start feeling annoyed at work.

Unfortunately, unless we are lucky enough to have other job offers knocking at our door, we need to learn how to manage our anger [Popular Techniques for Anger Management] so that our work environment doesn’t become unpleasant.

Here are 10 top tips to stop feeling annoyed at work:

1. Take breaks

If you can feel yourself beginning to be annoyed, the most instantaneous way to deal with it is to remove yourself from the situation. If you find yourself irritated with your workload [What to do when you feel overloaded] then go and make a cup of tea; if another person is the cause then create a little distance between you and them. If you feel yourself getting angry, it’ll only hinder you and not the person it is directed towards, so you may as well try to quash it!

2. Appreciate the positive

For every cloud there is a silver lining and so for whatever it may be that is causing you to be annoyed there is a way that you can view the situation in a positive light [5 powerful positive affirmations]. Your co-worker might always waver doing any of the hard work, but this could be an opportunity to show your boss how apt you are at your job. Once you find a benefit, your anger will be more manageable.

3. Get to the root of the issue

What is it that annoys you? Is it that your boss isn’t keeping their promises to give you bigger projects or the fact that you are jealous of another person’s position? Trying to isolate the direct cause of your anger is the first step in coming up with the solution.

4. Nip it in the bud

When you have found the root of your annoyance then make sure you handle it early on. The longer you leave it the more you allow that emotion to build and along with being unpleasant for you, when you do come to address the situation, you are likely to do it in a way that is completely disproportionate to the scenario which will only end in regret. The earlier you tackle it, the happier you will be.

5. Relax

Don’t allow yourself to be wound up by the small things that will end up affecting you in a big way. If you find something irritating, try to think about it rationally. Is it having a profound effect on your life? Are you able to focus on other things [13 ways to stay focused]? Make an effort to put it to the back of your mind where it won’t bother you.

6. Change the pattern

Say you come into work each day and your boss has left you a huge pile of work to do without warning. When the issue is recurring, you need to learn to change its pattern. Instead of becoming increasingly annoyed as the situation continues to recur, try to change the pattern. Instead of anticipating what it is that will annoy you, try to curb it. For example, ask your boss the afternoon before if there is anything you need to prepare for as you have a lot to focus on. The harder it is for that situation to take place, the less often it will happen.

7. Take a look at yourself

Sometimes it could be that the qualities that annoy us in other people are some of the things we are likely to do too. Try imaging a time where you have behaved in a similar way and the reason you might have done that. This will not only allow you to have a higher tolerance for that other person but find a better resolution in dealing with them.

8. Focus elsewhere

Try not to let your anger at a situation take over the entirety of your thoughts. This will only add more fuel to the fire and end up having a negative impact on you, not them.

9. Have a release

Find something or someone who you can vent your anger to in a healthy way. Just having somebody to talk to can immediately take the heat away from our feelings and help us rationalise and decide what to do next. If you need somewhere to offload your feelings, visit the Pink Moods Community.

10. Do something

There is no use allowing that feeling of being annoyed to fester in your mind. If you are going to take notice of that feeling then you must create an action plan to do something about it.

We never intentionally want to feel annoyed, yet many of us don’t make any effort to try and get rid of it. When you start actively trying to remove your anger you will realise how much it has been affecting you and how much happier you can be without it.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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