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Be a cheat. Be a copycat to achieve success


When I was at school I used to sit next to one of my best friends in French, not just because she was
awesome, but because she was really, really good at French. Me? Not so much. I used to lean over her
shoulder to check her answers, to see whether I had accidentally written something embarrassing about
going swimming at the weekend, or whatever we were learning in French.

One of my too obvious sneak peaks got her attention. ‘Ruth, stop copying me. You will never learn if you just
copy my work. Plus it’s cheating!’. And that told me. Except that I still somehow managed to scrape a C in
my GCSE French exam – yay me! In fact throughout school I was told not to copy other students’ work and
that cheating is bad.

I am bringing this to your attention, because if you had a similar experience in school, then this may have
formed beliefs and habits in you that you are not even aware of. Do they help you in business? Hell no! In
fact, I am here to give you permission to cheat and copy in business.
I am not condoning stealing someone’s brand name, logo or anything else that is rightly and uniquely theirs.
What I am saying, is take a look around you, notice all the successful people you know in your life. I know
what you are probably thinking, ‘yeah, I am just going to ring up my mate Beyonce and ask her what she
does on a daily basis to be successful’. The likelihood is that you don’t know someone personally who has
had that amount of success. Yet.
Successful people leave clues and in the world we live in today (thank the lord for social media and
technology) we can access this information. There are many inspirational people who use social media or
write books, sharing their life and their habits. So, listen to them. What routines and habits do they have?
Your quickest way to success is to copy these people and by this I do not mean buy an Oprah Winfrey wig
and start chatting to random people, hoping someone might pick up on your talent as a talk show host. I
mean if you want to be a talk show host go for it. But be YOU.

I noticed that successful people read and educated themselves on marketing, mindset and business, so I did
too. Successful people prioritise their self-care by exercising regularly, meditating, journaling, eating well.
They take time away from the business. They go on holidays regularly and make time for social events that
make them happy. They share their experiences and help each other – regardless of competition. Successful
people are constantly grateful, they make smart decisions quickly. They have a goal or a vision of something
they want to achieve. They don’t believe in failing. They delegate and they work in their zone of genius.
They use their fear to guide them to new and wonderful opportunities. They have a coach!
They know that to be the best version of themselves and their business, they require someone to believe in
them and to call them out on their bullshit. Someone who has experienced their level of success and
excelled to the next level (or three). Do what successful people do . They have these habits for a reason.
There are so many successful people doing all of these things it can’t be a coincidence. But do all this whilst
being YOU.

I believe this is the most common mistake entrepreneurs make when starting their own business. The
difference between copying someone’s habits and actually copying who someone is. I have been there
myself. It is easily done, particularly when you are so easily inspired by those around you. Which I am and I
love that I am. It is a constant reminder for me to keep going whenever I desire something new in my
business and life. But when I begin to move out of alignment with who I really am and what truly excites
me, things don’t go so well. I have seen it happen to other successful business owners too.
If having a website is not your thing, don’t have a website. If having professional photos taken of you makes
you awkward as arse, then don’t do it. If you are not a facebook person, don’t be on facebook. If you are
lighting up at the thought of only working with females, then only work with females. But be you. I share
everything on my social media. The good and the bad, and I share the bad because I know it helps people
and resonates with them. No one is happy all the time, being an entrepreneur is a marvelous loopy, upside
down, twisting, turning roller coaster. And it is the best ride of your life. ​
Well it is for me.

So, copy successful people’s habits, and cheat by hiring someone to tell you how they did it so you can do it

Cheat and copy your way to success, you have my permission to do so.


Ruth Simmonds

Ruth is a a wellness Transformation Coach for Female Entrepreneurs and Corporate Women.

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