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5 ways to be kinder to yourself


If you’re living a hectic life, constantly worrying about the well-being of others and just trying to survive, then your well-being could do with some kindness and T.L.C. itself.

If you’ve spent a long time not looking after yourself however, being kinder to yourself takes something deeper than the odd bubble bath and quiet time. You have a whole mentality to undo. Train your mind to care about your well-being.

These 5 ways could help you become kinder to yourself:

1) Be relaxed about how things will happen
You can send your mind into overdrive at lightning speed worrying about the numerous possibilities for the future. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Trust in the process if you’re doing your best in something you enjoy – that’s all you can do. Things happen for reasons beyond your control sometimes and they don’t happen randomly. There are times it will work out great, and times you’ll have to pick yourself up, but you can only change what you have the power to change. Don’t beat yourself up for things that have been done to you. Be strong and be proud of yourself.

2) Forgive your mistakes
You have to fail sometimes  because you’re not built to do things perfectly straight away. That is a human condition. When you do fail, make sure you fail forward. A failure is just as valuable as a success, if anything more so, because it’s something you can learn from and is a stepping stone in furthering your progress. If anything, failure is what enables success. Forgive yourself if you’ve done things wrong before, because everybody else has.

You always have a fresh day waiting to carry on, start again or start something new. The only expectations are what you put on yourself. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect, but full of potential.

3) Let yourself be emotional
Trying to plough through life ignoring your feelings and not giving yourself time to acknowledge the emotional strain of certain life events is dangerous. You start to repress natural reactions and become unable to express emotions properly. You can’t be scared of laughing or crying. Sometimes you need to get these emotions in order to start seeing things from the more measured and logical point of view you want to. Be kind to yourself because you’re not a machine or computer.

4) Appreciate the bare necessities
Sometimes we let comparisons overtake us. We start to feel inadequate and don’t appreciate just how well we’re doing for ourselves. Bring your mind into focus on the essential living conditions you’ve secured for yourself and be grateful for it. Be grateful if you’re earning a wage, under a roof, well nourished and clean. This means you’re doing just fine, and everything else on top is a bonus, including every friend, every hobby you pursue and every book or show you enjoy. When we put into perspective what we have, we are much kinder to ourselves.

5) Accept that challenges are supposed to be hard
If you can’t get something done straight away or are struggling to help out in a situation, don’t beat yourself up. We all have challenges individual to us. There are things you’re better at than other people and vice versa. In part of coming to terms with that you can’t overcome challenges immediately, you could help someone else out in overcoming theirs.

Giving kindness to others invites them to return the favour. Collaborate and trade advice with others and you’ll see how valuable your contributions are and how you can overcome challenges yourself with a bit of assistance. Remember not to trick yourself to thinking you are simply incompetent and can’t be helped [Why do we feel inadequate?].

It’s important to look after number one sometimes. Not doing that regularly can lead to more serious problems, from anxiety disorders [5 key triggers of anxiety] to depression. It’s not okay to go through life not treating yourself with the same respect you think you owe to others because you are worth the same as they are.

Be kinder to yourself and you may be able to get through the struggles of daily life a lot more productively and optimistically. You deserve self-love. If you feel that you may need some more support in learning self love and respect then visit our Video Moods section for some helpful tips ‘on the go’.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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