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What is the future for a business with soul?


How is a business with soul different? What defines this as a business and what is its future?

A business with Soul considers it to be a privilege to serve its employees, the community and all stakeholders. Egotistical self-obsessed, arrogant practice or attitude is absent from both the behaviour of the staff and the board of Directors. A fully inclusive feeling exists aligned with a totally appreciative style to performance management, a different type of TQM exists, a top down/bottom-up approach. This is a company that doesn’t require a tick box questionnaire asking “Do you consult your customers and staff?” It is apparent the business works because it is felt.

Without wanting to make a sweeping generalisation, when abroad, this is often the very experience we find in a small back street coffee bar, the family owned business that is pleased to serve well! Every customer is treated with humility, nothing is too much trouble. Your morning coffee becomes an exhilarating experience of human exchange that is experienced between you, the owners, the other customers and other staff. It touches your heart and effects the rest of your day with those positive connective elements that are our human life force. (The coffee was also highly exceptional!)

Strengths of a business with Soul

1. Honesty, humility, trust and reliability is the basis of the customer experience.
2. It enables and encourages personal acceptance, contribution, expansion and creativity.
3. It harnesses the best of human integrity at every level, as part of the employment culture, process, product and people management, from raw material to final completion.
4. It creates a personal confidence in all stakeholders’ suppliers, employees and customers.
5. A heartfelt belief that engages customers in a meaningful relationship is evident, not just when things are going well and the market is buoyant, but also in the more challenging times.

What is the future for a business with Soul?

A business with Soul is highly likely to survive the depths of recession when other bigger market leaders are tipped to be the survivors. The business with Soul has customers who will remain loyal because they have become part of the feel good factor that permeates throughout the supply chain and beyond.
This recession has created a greater awareness of the relationship experienced when we connect with others in a business capacity. There is something about being down on the bones of your back side that creates an increased awareness of the type of values that are in existence.

Why is a business with soul important?

• It creates opportunities to observe great values at work, the values that are important to us and to others through a more cautious business practice.
• Through an increased awareness personally and organisationally, we can make alternative choices about who we choose to buy or sell from. Those choices are increasingly wired into our buying experience from a need to make more cautious decisions during recession.

When our soul is connected to others in a meaningful way, a way which empowers our connection in others, we create a real opportunity for a soul felt deep and personal business collaboration. This could have a deep and lasting impact on how we choose to trade, market and promote our future products and services. How different would a world run by soulful businesses be?

To find your own soul and purpose visit self discovery, who knows, it may lead you to starting a soulful business yourself.


Hazel Rowell Peverley

Hazel’s coaching expertise is grounded in 20 years of experience and a National, Business and Life coaching client base. She works with solution focused techniques, and by exploring the challenges, sensitivities and tensions we develop and progress to achieve results. It is important for a relationship to know and trust that there is change and shift in progress. Shared session summaries, record progress and demonstrate evidence based track record, valued by both the individual and commercial business contracts. Her qualifications include specific counselling and coaching qualifications, and professional recognition from HR & coaching bodies. She quotes her client’s success as her real achievements.