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Challenge your Mindset

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Daily challenges to boost your confidence


You’ve done it: you’ve made the commitment to improving your self-confidence. You’re now in the mindset to step out of your comfort zone and tackle these inhibitions head-on. This is great – you’re going to be so much happier – but you’re looking for advice on where to start and seemingly getting nowhere.

Improving confidence is hard to quantify. Being an emotion and state of mind, it’s abstract and can mean different things to different people. A one-size-fits-all piece of advice is probably going to be hard to find, so how about not searching for advice?

The one thing all people who want to boost their confidence need to do is practice. The more you push your boundaries, the more confident you will be. What you need to do is learn how to identify your personal boundaries and how to push them. Here’s how to set yourself daily challenges to boost your confidence.

Why challenge your self-confidence?

Reaching the point of knowing you need to boost your self confidence often comes from the realising that you’re stuck in a comfort zone. [Be brave! How to step out of your comfort zone]- The ‘comfort zone’ can vastly differ in size, layout and location for many, but as a concept it represents isolation. You go to your comfort zone for alone time – ‘me-time’ – as a place where you don’t have to worry about daily life and the challenges it poses to you. If your visits to your comfort zone become too routine, eventually you start to forget and grow unaware of your true levels of self confidence. It means you come in for a nasty shock when you step outside the comfort zone. Setting your daily challenges will revolve around reducing your visits and shrinking that space.

How to set a challenge

To set a challenge, you need to know what kind of challenge you need. Take a good hard look at your comfort zone:

  • What do you do most often there?
  • What kind of body language or habits do you have when you’re in there?
  • What kind of emotions and thoughts do you have when you retreat to it?

Create as detailed an answer as you can for these three questions, as this gives you a solid base for setting your challenges.

A challenge can’t be easy, but you don’t have to think outside the box to set good ones. Some people genuinely find it challenging to remember to dress smartly, because they never think to or have no desire to. Others need more nuanced challenges, such as pushing that bit harder on their weekend run to get fitter rather than go through the motions. [How to challenge your inner voice that tells you no!]

Here are some tips for setting productive challenges:

  • Pick a new person to talk to every day. Share your thoughts and feelings on something about your comfort zone – for example, a show you watch or a hobby you have – to take down the protective barriers around it. By opening up about yourself, you feel less a need over time to retreat to do things you enjoy. Then, try and get them to talk about something they enjoy, and allow them to reciprocate.
  • Change one part of your generic daily routine. This can be as specific as an eyeshadow colour or when you eat your lunch. Start small then build up to making bigger changes. The more you deconstruct the inane parts of your day that don’t need a rigid structure, the comfortable you’ll feel to experiment and push yourself in things that matter more.
  • Make a journal of all the things you did well today and all the things you want to improve on. The trouble with emotional health is that a lot of people simply ‘let’ emotions happen, rather than take account of what they felt and why. By being encouraging with yourself and showing attentiveness to what you feel and what you need, you’ll find confidence comes to you a lot easier.

The deeper meaning of daily challenges is to get you out of destructive routines. The trap of the comfort zone is that is gradually erodes your sense of self. You become less inquisitive and adventurous, and eventually even completely disinterested and apathetic towards life. Breaking down the walls you put up between your true self and the outside world is how you open up the path to confidence again. Commit to challenging yourself to knock the wall down, and brick by brick, the world will open up to you again. If you want some support in growing your confidence further then join our empowering community with tools to help you to improve your self worth and reduce your daily stresses.  If you prefer to speak to an expert directly about a specific issue then book in with one of our life coaches for a Skype or Phone session at your convenience.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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