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Challenge your Mindset

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De-cluttering your mind


Spring Cleaning

It’s time. Do you know that a good spring clean can start with the mind?

Is your mind cluttered with unhelpful thoughts and feelings left over from past times or doubts and fears for the future? Or maybe a mass of to-do lists, which are frankly un-doable.

Is there a critical internal voice sapping your confidence, telling you, you are not good, intelligent, young, old, pretty enough to accomplish what you dearly wish to? Whose voice is that anyway? Probably taken on from when you were a child. By the way you are not crazy, we all have different aspects of self wanting to get in on the act! That can be sorted out.

Are there conflicting dos and don’ts chattering away in the background of your mind, and you wish they would just quieten down? If such thoughts are making you feel uncomfortable, clear them out and make some space in your mind. Hmm..wouldn’t that feel good?

Anxiety Clutter

Mind clutter can raise anxiety. [5 key triggers of anxiety] Being focussed and confident is much easier when the mind is cleared of repetitive thoughts whirring round, getting you nowhere. You may not realise how many unhelpful thoughts you are processing subliminally. But the result is feeling uncomfortable in your skin, maybe vaguely anxious for no apparent reason, and tired, because processing such thoughts is exhausting.

The adrenaline buzz created by a racing mind is seductive. We can cook up a storm with our thoughts. And adrenaline feels so much better than anxiety that we feel it must be a good thing. You may fear that unless you keep those thoughts whizzing, you will lose your edge.

That is a big mistake and here’s why.

Adrenaline is a drug you are producing in your body with your thoughts and you can suffer withdrawal symptoms when you stop. But when you take control of your thoughts and rest your mind, in turn, you will breakthrough and find your mind works so much better in a tension-free environment.

Mind over Matter

If only your mind would give it a rest. What I call the “thinking brain” has the job of producing thoughts willy-nilly. But that is not the whole of who you are. No way!

It may feel as if thoughts and emotions just happen, but only because we have not learned to strengthen the power of the central core within us, sometimes called the executive function, which brings the ability to direct and focus the mind in a helpful way.

Wouldn’t it be good to switch channels? Or just let thoughts go by when you need a rest?

Unless you find a way to do this, you will not reap the rewards of taming the mind which are immense. Not least of which is the freedom of mind it brings.
So here are a couple of De-cluttering the mind tips:

Tip 1 – Get comfortable.

Imagine you are entering a room in which there is a lot of junk. The objects represent your unwanted thoughts. One by one put them in a bin bag and then take them out to the waste disposal. Go back into that room in your mind, clean it out and make changes for your comfort and enjoyment. Maybe leave the scent of your favourite perfume or flowers in there and return to that room in your mind whenever you could do with some refreshment.

Tip 2 – Take a little time everyday just to Worry.

Yes, this is your Worry Time! This is a cognitive psychology method which can work well. Give yourself a strict time limit for this. Set a stopwatch for 5 -10 minutes max.

Then Stop! That’s all the worrying you are going to do for today. [A strategy for coping with a mind of  worry]

Tip 3 – Be in the Moment.

When you are in touch with, and simply enjoying the present moment with all your senses: a cloud, a bird, a shower, a nice cup of tea (I am English!), you will not feel anxious or overwhelmed with mental chatter. Make it a habit to stop, then see, hear, touch something, anything around you in the outside world. Do not start telling yourself stories about these things: such as that counter needs washing. Haha – got you women! Just keep your awareness gently moving through your sensations in the moment. In other words experience now. [The benefits of living a mindful life]

You can learn to feel empowered with choice and control over your thoughts, feeling comfortable in your skin, and seeing things more clearly in perspective. Put these tips into practise and organise your mind with Planners & Checklists to get more out of life.

Change Your Mind and You Change Your World


Avril Allen

An expert in helping people resolve emotional matters, tough times and decisions in a warm, yet rational, deliberate way, I have the gift of conveying complex ideas simply. My areas of expertise include: relationship-building; stress-management, and career development. My style is light, yet incisive, organised and effective. I bring enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and fascination with how the mind works; many years’ experience as a psychologist and a high quality qualification with the rigorous Coach University. After many years of city life in London, I now coach clients, mainly by telephone and online, in my rural English seaside town along with meeting with clients in London. MBACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist Coach University CTP Master NLP practitioner CMI dip Management HPC (Health Professions Council) reg. Art Therapist. BIH Hypnotherapy & NLP dip (with distinction) BA (Hons 1st Class) Psychology


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