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How to discover your inspiration in life


It can be quite common for people to go through life without ever discovering what inspires them. Sometimes that inspiration might exist but we are unable to put our finger upon what it is, yet it still drives us to success. But for the rest of us who may be feeling lost or without direction in their life, discovering a source of inspiration can help in understanding ourselves and what we wish to achieve.

What is inspiration?

Inspiration is something or someone that inspires us or motivates us to become the best version of ourselves. We can outlet this is several ways, for example we can be inspired to become successful in our careers [3 Reasons you need to set career goals today], or we can be inspired to help others. Inspiration is something that we can gain insight from in order to push us to self improve and develop.

Many of us are probably accustomed to having ‘fitness inspiration’ pictures on our phones, mirrors or on the fridge, but unfortunately this does not always seem to work. Being truly inspired is a powerful feeling and not one that comes easily. As nice as it would be to feel motivated, focused and passionate about all aspects of our lives it is not always the case. Therefore, inspiration is more likely to come from something that has to deeply move us into making a change or moving forward.

How to find it:

Our inspiration comes to us in different ways and depending on the kind of person you are will decide in which way is most helpful. For some people, something may come across through exploring – trying new experiences and creating visual inspiration. Others may find that they are verbally inspired through talking and gaining insight into the lives of others. Some of us may be able to find inspiration within ourselves, if we just allow for a moment of mindfulness in order to discover it. In order to find what inspires you then you must seek out what it is as it is in rarer cases that it happens spontaneously.


In order to find your inspiration you need to go out and put yourself in new situations where you can gain different experiences that will help you learn what it is that ignites passion and motivation within you. It could be that you attend your first fitness class or try out volunteering work for charities. Anything that you think could enlighten you and show you something beyond what you know could end up being what inspires you.


Speaking to others and learning what has inspired them in their life could help give you insight into discovering what is it in your life that will inspire you. There are women on our community and goal setting network who could tell you their story and show what inspires them. Having one conversation with someone could be life changing and help introduce an entirely new perspective and way of thinking to your life, so always be open to explorative conversations and new friendships. Absolutely anything could end up being your inspiration!


Sometimes our inspiration and creativity comes to us when we are able to sit down and truly focus. Many claim that mindful meditation can help give them clarity and help bring them inspiration and focus in life. Trying mindfulness could help you hone in on your priorities in order to find out what truly drives you. Read our article on how to achieve mindfulness [The benefits of living a mindful life] to give this approach a try.

When you have found your true source of inspiration, it could have the power to change the direction of your life. If you want to be inspired you must go out and seek something that is worth being inspired for!


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.