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Challenge your Mindset

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How are you feeling?

Do these 3 physical things to instantly feel good


A ‘happy’ body – relaxed, good posture, well energised, engaged in an optimum level of activity – is what leads to lasting pick me ups. Here are 3 methods to  help you to instantly feel good, which can reboot your body and give you a kick start towards lasting happiness.


‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ (EFT), also referred to as ‘tapping’, is a homeopathic method for dealing with illness. Once learned, it can be a simple and quick method to reducing stress or taking your mind away from negative thoughts and emotions that have been bothering you. The technique is popular amongst those who prefer to not use medication when dealing with mental health.

The technique is to gently tap several points on your body with the tips of the fingers on one hand, whilst repeating certain relevant phrases simultaneously.
The process of tapping is based on the traditional Chinese theory of “meridians”, energy fields that are based in certain parts of the body. Whether you believe in the spiritual element of EFT or not, the methodical and rhythmic nature to tapping, and the association of the physical with the emotional, can help you deal with negativity in a calm, gentle manner.

It has an 8-step process:

Define each negative emotion you feel and rank it on a scale of intensity from 0-10, 10 representing an emotion that bothers you the most.
Choose a clear, precise phrase that counteracts a negative emotion. For instance, if you are someone who is anxious about their appearance, make a phrase based on how you forgive yourself for getting upset, or how you accept who you are and don’t need approval from others.

Repeat your chosen phrase while gently tapping the side of your palm below the little finger several times (around 5-10 will do).
Create a reminder phrase: a shortened version of your initial phrase.

Repeat the reminder phrase when tapping the other meridians of your body: inner eyebrow bone, outer eye, under the eye, cupid’s bow, on the chin, on the chest below the collar bones to the left or right, under the crease of your arm, tap your wrists together, then tap the middle of your forehead. Repeat each for 5-10 times again.
After completing one round of tapping, honestly assess how you feel about your negative emotion now, re-ranking it on the intensity scale of 1-10.

If you still rank the intensity above 2, repeat the process of tapping, and continue to repeat until you reach a rank of 2 or less.
As you repeat the process, you can adapt your phrase and reminder phrase to reflect your new feelings, going as far as saying you are now free of it or it does not concern you any more.

4-7-8 Rule

The 4-7-8 rule is an optimum breathing technique, promoted as a way of naturally calming your mind and relaxing the body. The rule is often recommended for sleeping problems or to reduce stress levels when they hit a certain peak. By breathing fully and properly, a lot of physical agitations or overactive minds be soothed.
To complete the technique, breath out fully, then inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and exhale for 8. Maintain this pattern in a still position until you feel the body physically relax, this should make you instantly feel good as your body will start to work in a more calming and natural way as we often forget how to breath effectively. If you doubt this, consider how deeply animals breath, we should follow the same pattern, but many of us only have a shallow breathing habit.

Vision boards

Unlike the other two strategies, the vision board is a physical way of channelling mental activity into a productive plan. The vision board helps to map out the ideas in your mind, so you can view them fully in a clear context and plan ahead. Not only are vision boards practical but they can also help alleviate stress when you have too many things to think about at the same time [ The power of visualisation in making your dreams come true]. The vision board can be about anything you want, such as planning a holiday or putting a concept together for work. You can write tasks, attach motivational quotes and use pictures and photos to fully demonstrate the vision in your mind. A vision board helps you to take control of our mind actively, and gives you an opportunity to release creative energy productively.
These three strategies for instant pick-me-ups can help you in times of crisis, whether you’re in a state of panic or confusion. Leading on from these strategies, you can start to take the steps towards creating a less stressful life and working towards a less stressed body and mind. For daily support download our happiness and confidence planner here.


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