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Challenge your Mindset

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Do you have a good relationship with yourself? -The questions you need to answer.


Let’s start with a simple question.

Imagine that satisfaction could be measured on a sliding scale, from 0 to 100%.

What percentage of satisfaction on average do you think you need in everyday life to be happy?

Give yourself a moment to think, then answer.

You might have gone by the law of averages, and settled at a realistic 50%? Wrong.

You might have aggregated what needs to be good in your life at all times and what you can accept isn’t always going to be great, and gone for around 70%? Wrong.

You might be an aching optimist who has checked themselves and decided to deduct a little bit, coming to a figure of 95%? Wrong again.

The answer is 100%.

You need to be 100% satisfied in everyday life to be truly happy. Will things go wrong in life? It’s inevitable. Is everything in life always enjoyable? Of course not. Satisfaction, however, has never depended on events or material things. It depends on you.

Being 100% satisfied in everyday life is achievable by being 100% satisfied with yourself. If you can accept who you are, what you like and dislike, your relationships, your successes and your mistakes, then you can take on anything that life throws at you. [How self awareness can improve your relationships]   So, for the people who said less than a 100%, how good a relationship do you have with yourself?

Do you have a good relationship with your body?

Self-image is often one of the biggest obstacles to satisfaction. The constant worry and concern over certain aspects of your image can overtake you, and inhibit you from opening up to others, whether you truly care what they think of you or what you think of them. The truth is generalised opinions about beauty affect us more than the specific opinions on fashion and beauty held by individuals. [Does being beautiful guarantee happiness?] You need to trust that your opinion on what is fashionable and beautiful is as valid as what society says overall, and embrace what is attractive about you. By respecting your body and what it enables you to do in life, you’ll see it less as a mannequin and more as a powerful tool.

Do you have a good relationship with your mind?

Do you allow yourself to be satisfied with who you are, or do you feel a need to criticise? Without realising, you impose limits on what you can do and achieve by negative self-talk, making yourself afraid to take the risks and have the adventures which would inevitably increase your satisfaction, whether successful or not. Turning off the inner narrative and listening to others fully gets you out of your own head. [21 things you need to do to avoid negative thoughts] . You’ll be inspired and encouraged by the diverse life experiences of others and will see yourself through the eyes of others more accurately. The majority will be far more complimentary than you have been to yourself.

Do you have a good relationship with your strengths?

This sounds like an odd question, but considering so many people allow ‘realism’ to limit their life experiences, it is important to answer it honestly. Many are not brave enough to admit they want more from life or could do better and make an impact in a different field, because they think they want too much. The real tragedy would be not making the most of your talents and abilities. [7 ways to discover your strengths] Be brave enough to follow through with decisions for your own personal satisfaction and don’t be afraid of pursuing something great. Aspiration should be encouraged.

Do you have a good relationship with your weaknesses?

Pretending that your weaknesses don’t exist in front of other people won’t make them go away. In fact, when these weaknesses surface, you could become defensive and embarrassed, which only makes things worse than they need to be. You will always know about your weaknesses even if you do a good job of hiding them, and without confronting them and accepting them, you will be plagued by self-doubt, even if it affects only a small percentage of your happiness. Accept and acknowledge your own vulnerabilities. It’s only human to have weaknesses – everybody does. To go on more of a journey of self discovery and to see what you can offer to the world and what you want from life join our site and access eBooks, Videos and our inspiring community.

The key to having a good relationship with yourself is to accept every part, especially the weak and least desirable. Every person has something to offer to the world, and having a good relationship with yourself gives you the opportunity to go and find out what it is you can offer. To deny yourself this opportunity, or get in your own way, will mean you never know what being completely satisfied with life feels like. Learn to love and accept who you are, and reach that 100%.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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