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Does being beautiful guarantee happiness?


The importance of beauty

When we get up in the morning and prepare for our day, is the need to be beautiful one of our first thoughts? Do we all use a variety of lotions and potions in the shower? Do we spend a good portion of the evening planning the perfectly coordinated outfit?

So far, a lot of questions have been posed, but answers are hard to find. Not many of us are forthcoming in admitting we would like to be flawless but it sits on the back of our minds. Does making ourselves look beautiful fulfil us, and is looking beautiful conducive to feeling happy?

Is it us or them?

We did a survey in a city in the north, and it seems the happiness that comes from being beautiful depends on the judgements and reactions of others, not ourselves. When asked what was important to them to have a good day, answers more commonly veered towards simple routine tasks like breakfast or physical exercise. When asked about what they looked for to see if a person was happy or had a good day, they were appearance based. The clothes were neat, the hair was done, and they had a smile on their face. Looking good equates to feeling good from the eyes of the beholder, but within yourself, apparently you don’t need it.

The gender difference

Dissatisfaction with looks tended to be a more female issue. Losing weight was the most desired change – over more confidence. Most women wanted a hairbrush to hand in order to start the day well. On the other hand, men were able to admire attractive traits in others but were not motivated to try and rival them. The same pressure to look good wasn’t apparent. It’s an attitude rather than a physical standard.

What really makes us happy?

Happiness comes from achieving something. [How to feel happier today] It’s alright to look happy, but that doesn’t mean you are happy. Clothes and make up can sometimes be a mask that convinces others that everything is good with your life, but the opposite might be the case. The promise of happiness is in achievement. After the 2012 Olympics, awareness of athletes and sports people increased and the belief that achievement can make you happy started to grow. Indeed, the survey found that athletes were the most common inspiration in terms of body image, because their bodies were tools in achieving excellence. Finding a sense of accomplishment can be the key to being happy, from a good gym session to finishing a nice full English. Looking nice is a great pick-me-up and gives the right signals but it cannot solve unhappiness. The promise of that lies elsewhere.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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