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Empowering Patterns Of Behaviour In Work Based Relationships


What is empowerment?

I feel empowerment is when someone feels confident and in control of their lives. It’s a feeling of being motivated to succeed, and energetically charged.

When we experience this state of being, life becomes more meaningful and exciting. Empowerment enhances EVERYTHING we do, and how we feel about ourselves.

If we bring this in to the workplace, it allows us to excel in the role that we play.

Empowered people have the freedom of ‘choice’ and ‘action’ which spills out and affects those around them positively, enhancing the productivity in the workplace.

Why we may feel less confident in the work place?

Unfortunately, we can also allow ourselves to be ‘disempowered’ in our lives, without realising it. Perhaps this developed over time, when we were a child or adolescent and we are now following patterns of learned behaviour, which can hold us back in some way or another, in our adult life.

We as human beings learn how to behave by observing and mirroring the reactions of our parents, siblings and others, as THEY responded to various events in their lives. We then absorb, mimic and memorise those actions, so that when similar situations occur again, we are able to pull on this stored information and respond accordingly. Those traits mould us into the unique personalities we are today, and can create confident, loving, motivated people, who value their importance and feel worthy of success and abundance, both personal, and career driven.

Unfortunately, Some people are not as lucky, and may have had negative comments made or experienced insecurities at some point in their lives growing up, thinking that they were second best, useless and certainly unable to achieve or make something of themselves, purely because of what they have witnessed. This can also happen when we begin our working environment, where some colleagues or superiors can affect the way we think about ourselves and how we behave (both negatively and positively).

This form of understanding creates a negative thinking mind set which dulls any motivation and creative thinking. Each day I have amazingly talented people coming to see me with those exact mind-sets who have become disempowered. We can all learn to change and reprogram the way that we think. This is what empowerment is all about.

We are all worthy of excelling. We CAN become successful, assertive, creative people when we put our mind to it.

So how can we empower the way we behave in relationships and especially in a working environment in order to succeed?

Good Relationships are based on trust, communication and self responsibility. This is especially important in a working environment.
Building workplace relationships is also a very important factor of being successful in your career. First impressions are very important and tend to be lasting, so we need to be presenting ourselves in the most beneficial manner.

I’ve found the following to be of great value:

1. Making an effort in getting to know your colleagues is crucial. Getting to know what their fortes, skills and abilities are, and how they use them within the company in a positive manner. Likewise those misinformed skills which have caused problems and challenges within the company.

2. Being authentic is important. You don’t need to be over the top, just friendly and open. This makes you approachable and starts to build up trust. “It is far nicer to work in an environment where there is a good attitude to work” If you need support in discovering your authentic self then visit our self discovery section for some support.

3. Be encouraging to others. Endeavour to be a team player .

4. Be responsible. If you’re asked to do something and you say you will, follow it through to completion. BUT if you’re unable to complete it for some reason, seek advice and notify everyone that may be involved or affected by the delays. That way, your team members will trust and appreciate your consideration into their role and again, respect and trust is built up .

5. Communication… Without this, nothing works! Your colleagues are not mind readers. Sometimes, we rehearse so much in our heads that we forget we have not shared the information with others, so make sure you communicate with them and perhaps re-iterate with an email specifying the points clearly, so NO mis-understanding occurs. If you would like to improve your communication skills visit our expert Video Moods series for advice.

6. Understand that not every day is a positive day for everyone in the office. Be considerate if people are clearly stressed.

7. Never gossip. In my experience, there is NEVER a good outcome when listening or instigating gossip and no one wants a reputation of being a office busy body.

8. If you share an office space, again be considerate and respectful. If your colleague likes to work differently to yourself, then communicate with your colleague to find common ground. For instance, background music might help certain people, but not all.

9. Ideas boxes are great. Perhaps you could put forward that idea and see if the others agree. ‘Ideas boxes’ can really create a vibrant office atmosphere and can give you an opportunity to showcase your potential to your superiors. Make sure this covers everything, even down to suggestions of dress code, sundries and interior design as well as work related creative ideas.
Your working environment is very important; the layout and colours…etc create an ambience which has been proven over and over again that it has an affect to the overall output of the office.

10. If you have a quirky boss or one who has particular traits , try to learn interpersonal skills. Observe how they function and how best to handle their way of working. Eventually you can learn how to predict each other’s reactions to workplace events. Your interpersonal skills have a direct influence on your work. They are a set of skills which help you interact with the different personalities within the office.

Remember, as women we are multi-talented and multi skilled. Hone into the skills you already have in abundance. For example, the leadership skills of running a successful home, perhaps bringing up a family, advising and being supportive and empathetic, sorting the finances or being an events co-ordinator for family functions. Bring these talents into your work environment too. You are so much more than you think !!!!!

“A busy vibrant , goal orientated woman is so much more attractive than a woman who waits around for a man to validate her experience”
Mandy Hale , ‘The single woman : Life, Love and a dash of Sass’.

I never cease to be excited by the power of the human mind and how we can reprogram the way we think and behave into more powerful and positive ways.
We create our reality – lets make it AMAZING!


Photo Credit: http://www.123rf.com/profile_pressmaster

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Margaret De Petro

Margaret is a leading life coach, existential psychotherapist, Reiki Master, NLP and hypnotherapist. She is the founder of Celtic Heritage Healing and is the author of 5 accredited teaching books, and 31 CD’s and is a sought after tutor in the UK. Her passion is the facilitation of self-excellence in her students and clients. She is a prolific and successful master teacher of healing therapies in the UK and Europe with over 1000 students and 25 years teaching experience.


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