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Eroticism: What is the true meaning behind it?


Everybody has a sexuality, and whilst some people’s are more potent than others, we all at times are driven by desire and become listless with lust. We often see references to the erotic as something underground; driven away from society’s surface and kept as its dirty little secret. Now, in a world where Fifty Shades of Grey exists, we can’t keep assuming erotica is far removed from the morally upstanding and can’t in fact coexist with them. So, what is the true meaning behind it?

Removing the layers from eroticism

Eroticism is often a word that suffers from misapplication. To be precise, if something is erotic, it arouses sexual desire and excitement within you. So eroticism is the concept of sexual desire and excitement. What the true meaning of eroticism is relies on what you define to be sexually desirable and exciting and why, not what certain depictions in the world have claimed it to be.

The purpose of eroticism

Anything that qualifies as erotic is frequently used a selling tool in a variety of markets, from hamburgers to mobile phones to music. The allure of sex excites, and if you associate a product with that excitement, expect a spike in sales. It’s a simple but effective method, as many companies can report. But, is this eroticism’s purpose? Is it so that eroticism has been reduced to a capitalist venture, rather than a part of our human nature? Many parts of society have criticised the reduction of good looking adults to sexual objects, props instead of people. Maybe it’s time we had another think.

Reclaiming eroticism

Eroticism was once something deliberately kept clandestine, behind closed doors, but was thrust into the spotlight. Now as a society we don’t automatically see sex as something shameful or as something to hide. [5 reasons why love  and sex don't always go together] Since we now have changed perceptions on eroticism, it might be helpful to people, particularly younger generations, to start expressing those desires in a healthy way. There are organisations already in place which celebrate sex and desire but promote respect, honesty and freedom, from sex toy companies to art installations. These get widespread press coverage and aren’t censored on television. We are seeing a shift into a culture which embraces sex but encourages positive engagement, such as understanding consent and being safe when experimenting in the bedroom.

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When you think of something as erotic, it’s acting as a trigger to your sexual desires. It’s intensely overwhelming and usurps all logical thought. It doesn’t need to be a plastic, man-made, vacuous version of eroticism seen in magazines and billboards, but it can be raw, natural and a little imperfect. Redefine eroticism for yourself.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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