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Excellent or average, which one are you?


We’re all guilty of a bit of laziness from time to time. A rough day or week can lead us to try and coast by on the bare minimum, allowing us to refocus our efforts and be our best selves tomorrow instead. Of course, tomorrow in a sense never comes. It acts as a mysterious point in the future that we can decide. Eventually, it can hold us back in developing and moving forward. What’s stopping us from being excellent today, and why are we in the habit of embracing averageness?

Lost generation

We as a society are subject to contradicting messages regarding attainment and achievement. The millennial generation are partly defined by aggressive ambition; selfishly wanting it all whichever way they can get it. Culturally we are defined by symbols of wealth and success. We express ourselves through designer brands and the latest technology, to the point that words such as ‘poor’ and ‘broke’ have become serious insults to a person’s character. At the same time, being average is something we are told to accept more, to the point where mediocrity is arguably celebrated. Despite being more ambitious, we are also more sensitive. We don’t react well to overachievers and do-gooders, often cynically viewing them as arrogant. In response we try to make all people feel good, reinforcing that it’s better to accept yourself as you are, no matter how average. These contrasting attitudes could explain why Youtube is sourcing the stars of the future. We are now looking up to people just like us, who do very little in front of a camera as means of entertainment, but are very much rewarded for it. It seems you can only achieve in this modern world if you work hard at being likeable, whether genuine in intention or not.

Everything is average nowadays

What has enabled this culture to grow? Historically, people are greatly admired for astonishing achievements in the face of adversity, from sports stars to political figureheads. It could be argued that we aren’t facilitating people like that anymore, the kind of people who aim for excellent instead of average. In fairness, the margin for excellence has grown narrower in recent years. The worsening job market and economy has put a lot of people in competition, where we now see overqualified workers struggle to find employment. In a previous decade, their achievements would have been seen as the pinnacle of excellence, whereas now they are just the bare minimum. The disenchantment and frustration that follows this means it’s no wonder that we have started viewing excellence as overrated. If it can’t get you anywhere, the motivation is lost. People have branched out into diverse routes to try and make a name for themselves however they can, since being the best no longer guarantees anything. So, are the stars of social media, who have millions of fans follow their escapades on the internet, actually celebrating mediocrity, or are they making the best of a bad situation? Are they, in fact, excellent?

When facing your battle between excellent and average, try not to gauge yourself in comparison to others[Why you should live your life without comparisons]. Your average belongs to you, just as your excellence does. What is excellent to you might be too high an aim for some or too close to average for others. Don’t let yourself get caught up in competition, because it can lead to ongoing dissatisfaction, especially in today’s working world. Make sensible aims for yourself and remember that happiness comes from more than achievement. Be kind to others and keep working hard; it’s the best you can do. If you are wanting a bit of a confidence boost then visit our Video Moods series for some expert tips and strategies to get the most out of life.


This article was contributed by Pink Moods.

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